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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Irish naming patterns John Howell PATTERSON SC TO GA TO FL
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 16:55:57 EST

I was just looking at the naming of John Howell PATTERSON'S children.
He named his first son Andrew Elkins; the naming pattern is that the first
son would be named after the father's father. Since I am looking for John
H. father, then I would be looking for an Andrew. Elkins was the maiden
name of John's wife's mother.
He named his second son Joshua Joseph HOWELL, the naming pattern was to
name the second son after the mother's father, so the mother's father would
have been named Joseph HOWELL.
Since I found both an Andrew PATTERSON and a Joshua Joseph HOWELL living in
the Williamsburg area of SC.
John named his third son, Smith Parramore, and the pattern was to name the
third son after the Mother and this was true because John's wife's maiden
name was SMITH.
This pattern ran fairly true except that John's wife, Sarah SMITH, dad was
named Hugh and I didn't find a Hugh in the bunch. Now they could have had
a son named Hugh who might have died in childbirth and that would account
for the name Hugh not being in their family.
Their one and only girl was named Eugenia and the pattern was to name the
first girl after the mother's mother; this didn't ring true either as
Sarah's mother's name was Catherine ELKINS, unless Eugenia's first name was
Does anyone on this list have any PATTERSONS from Williamsburg, SC?

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