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From: "MScheffler" <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Post-em Notes again
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 23:25:01 -0500
References: <3F9367B579B0495786BAD9AB2379F464@DeAnnPC>
In-Reply-To: <3F9367B579B0495786BAD9AB2379F464@DeAnnPC>

A few weeks ago I posted about how to get rid of the post-em notes
attached to my database on WorldConnect. After giving it careful thought, I
decided to delete my gedcom on WorldConnect and then upload a new one.
Several of you thought that might work to get rid of the post-ems.

BUT.... having done that about an hour ago, I just checked for the post-ems
and they are still there. Since the option to remove them is gone, I am at
my wits end as to how to get rid of them. I've worked too hard on this
database to have "less than helpful" questions and sarcastic comments
attached to my hard work. Yes, I have received helpful information as well,
but what I found useful, I incorporated into my notes months back, along
with email of submitter if available.

Is my only recourse to change the database name and password? I hate to
have to go back in and redo everything on the advanced form. If I do that
will the post-ems actually disappear?

I would not bother the list with this again, but from the last group of
comments I believe others are frustrated by this as well. Hopefully some
one from rootsweb staff who can help get this done will contact me.

Margaret Scheffler

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