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Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 11:09:28 -0700
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One thing I left out. A URL is a universal resource locator. It is not
really needed for FTP, the IP address is all that is needed. Many ISPs
provide you with an FTP server host name, like, but this is
not a URL (although some call it that.)

A URL is The associated ftp url might be You notice there is a difference in the
first part of the URL, this indicates the protocol that is used on the
server, hyper text transport protocol vs. file transfer protocol. Also note
the difference in this from the ftp server host name from above.

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Hello Folks..
I seem to be having trouble getting a website established.
I have been trying to do a ftp upload and cannot do it A friend who tried
to help said I need a url for ftp,a user ID and a password .
would some nice person please enlighten me.
I created the tree ok but I just cannot get it to upload? I am using Roots
magic version two,just installed.
thankyou all.

concord CA

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