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From: "Jim Winfrey" <>
Subject: FW: [RMagic] Fact appearing in a sentence
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 08:16:57 -0400


Elizabeth has been an asset to this board as well as several others for
a long time. My experience is that she is a committed and very skilled
researcher and communicator and, like the rest of us, is constantly
searching for the best practices for arranging her data so it makes
sense for future generations. I take any input she offers very
seriously because I've learned that she is focused and thinks things
through before saying anything. She has pointed out my errors in
judgment or practice many times and I've appreciated it.

Elizabeth, like me, uses RM in conjunction with another program for
reasons that are ours and that if she sees opportunities to improve
either she responds. Please read anybody's posts carefully, think about
what they say (or maybe don't say sometimes) and try to address the
issue the person is asking about.



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