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Subject: Re: Notes Location
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 15:15:14 -0700
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I have somewhat solved the Census note dilemma by creating a new user defined fact called 'Census for which I have enabled the description field. (The ' makes this fact sort at the beginning of the fact list). I then set the sentence structure as <name> appeared in the census <date> <place> <value>. So now typical entries might read, "She appeared in the census on 1 Aug 1900 in Westminster, Orange Co, CA as 8, with her parents and four siblings." OR
"She appeared in the census on 12 Jun 1880 in Ballona Twp, Los Angeles Co, CA as 50, head, widow or divorced, farmer, with her son James Johnson, 27.

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Subject: Notes Location

Many thanks to all who have helped me with the notes/sources issue. I am
learning and making progress. However, each new step raises more questions!
There is valuable information in the census, and I assumed initially that I
would put any narrative in the notes in the census fact for the person I am
working on. However, the information affects the whole family. Do I then
put the same information in each census note for each person? For instance,
I learned through the census that unmarried children, ages 29 and 24 were
living with their parents in 1900. I find that interesting, and that would
affect all in the family. My instructions from many of you were that notes
on the census would go with the census fact. However, I have the choice of
putting this information in the "Family" notes (in which I understand the
info will only appear in the files of the parents), or I can copy and paste
the info and put in the census file notes of each parent, and each child.
This seems like a lot of duplication in the narrative. Other information
included the fact that there was a mortgage on the home, even though the
father was 75 years old (I have no other proof of this fact.) These are all
things that I find interesting. The other fly in the ointment is, that some
of the census information is incorrect, such as the ages of each person, and
at least one birth date. While I understand that I can note these errors in
the comments of the source, do I even want to mention the ages of the
persons in the note section if I have to keep qualifying the fact that the
information in the census is incorrect? I am a detail oriented person, and
this all seems overwhelming, given the fact that there are so many choices,
and that I want the narratives to be good and accurate. Help!
Karen Wellan


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