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From: Allan Plucinik <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Photos reusing using same file name
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 19:13:43 -0600
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Yes, this has been brought up before but only once that I know of ....
way back on 16 April 2005.

The reason RM creates those thumbnails is to keep the print preview from
getting too slow. By creating the thumbnails, it can open each of
them very quickly instead of having to load the full image into memory
every time the page is displayed. So, RM uses the full original photo
when actually printing the report or sending it to a PDF file but as you
have discovered, when you deleted the original photo and replaced it
with a completely different photo by the same file name, the
original.thu file (a thumbnail version of the original photo) still
existed. Therefore when you generate a report on screen again, RM is
still using the original.thu file which displays the original photo in
thumbnail size.

Allan Plucinik
Colorado Springs, CO

> I ran into something interesting today. I Sent a Narrative report to
> someone with photo's that I had received that were just copies and were not that
> good. They didn't like them either so they sent me some originals that were much
> better of the same people. Since I did not want to keep the ones I used
> originally, I used the same file name that I had on the original pictures. When I
> printed out a new narrative report the old pictures showed up. Ah Ha, what is
> going on, I replaced the pictures. It then dawned on me what happened and that
> is the reason I am posting this info.
> When I sent the first narrative report it made a .THU file of the pictures
> I used the first time around. The second narrative report was picking up that
> .THU file of the old pictures I had sent. I deleted all of the .THU files and
> now I got all the new pictures I had entered. A new .THU file was created
> for those that I included in the Narrative report. This would happen, as far as
> I know, on any report generated that includes pictures.
> Maybe this has been brought up before but I don't remember seeing it.

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