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From: "Bill Bienia" <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] WISH LIST
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 14:46:05 -0400
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I would like to embellish on the wish list item and ask that an option be
added to the Options so that a user could specify whether to use the Baptism
fact or the Christening fact as the second item on the Add Person window.
(If there are other facts that other religions/groups would use that occur
at the approximate time of birth, I would suggest that these be included in
the list.

Another option would be to include a "Change fact type" button similar to
the one in Edit Fact window to allow the user to pick another individual
fact such as Stillborn. This would increase the flexibility of this new

Throwing ideas out to the list,

William H. (Bill) Bienia
Cobblestone Legacies
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Subject: [RMagic] WISH LIST

Rootsmagic for me was love at first sight. I had been using UFT but found
it wasn't easy to use with XP so went looking.

My wish list would be on the Individual Card to include the Christening as
well as the Birth detail.
Is it me or do any of you folks find it a pain to go to Add a Fact when
entering up an individual when you have both birth and christening details.
We have Death and Burial so why not Birth and Christening.

Be gentle with me! Heather

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