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From: "Derek CROMPTON" <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Data not showing in RM Explorer
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 14:53:12 -0000
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To Alfred and Margaret

Thanks. All the problem dates are where I have recorded (say) JunQ 1906. I
have a lot of entries where I only know the Registration quarter, to get the
actual dates would involve buying lots of certificates. So dates such as
JunQ 1906 record everywhere except in RM Explorer.
Experimenting with alternatives and examining Date Formats I cannot find a
Obviously I can get RM Explorer to record a year but only at the cost of
sacrificing the, more accurate, registration quarter.
Grateful for any suggestions.

Derek Crompton

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From: "Alfred Eller" <>
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Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 9:50 PM
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Data not showing in RM Explorer

> If any date is entered in a format that RootsMagic does not recognize as
> a date, it is retained as a string of text.
> No date is extracted from this text string. So no year is displayed in
> the Explorer.
> If you mis-spell a month, enter a date that the month does not contain,
> or something, it is considered a text string.
> You can go to the help menu, choose Help Topics and type Date into the
> search field, then double click on Date formats to see what formats
> RootsMagic recognizes.
> Alfred D. Eller
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> Derek CROMPTON wrote:
>> In RM Explorer it shows dates under Born and Died - in most cases!
>> However in some cases the date is blank, even though the date is in the
>> program and shows in the personal info box at the top of the main screen.
>> Would welcome any advice on how to put this right.
>> Derek Crompton
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