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From: Alfred Eller <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Data not showing in RM Explorer
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 09:41:06 -0600
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This is the first time I have noticed anyone using anything like JunQ
1906 as a date.
But, I have only been frequenting this and the Family Origins lists for
about seven years.
I have seen a few posts where people wanted to use the 2nd qtr 1906 or
something like that, but June quarter?

I would suggest that you use something like:
3. About – Near a date (ex. about 1 Jan 1900)

5. Between – A date which is between two dates (ex. between 1 Jan 1900
and 5 Jan 1900)

Alfred D. Eller

Derek CROMPTON wrote:
> To Alfred and Margaret
> Thanks. All the problem dates are where I have recorded (say) JunQ 1906. I
> have a lot of entries where I only know the Registration quarter, to get the
> actual dates would involve buying lots of certificates. So dates such as
> JunQ 1906 record everywhere except in RM Explorer.
> Experimenting with alternatives and examining Date Formats I cannot find a
> solution.
> Obviously I can get RM Explorer to record a year but only at the cost of
> sacrificing the, more accurate, registration quarter.
> Grateful for any suggestions.
> Derek Crompton

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