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Subject: Re: [RMagic] Data not showing in RM Explorer
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I assume you are in the UK from your post. I am too. If I have a date
from the GRO indexes then I enter it as "bet 1 Apr 1906 and 30 Jun
1906". This is a valid date range and will allow the dates to show up

Of course remember that the quarter the event shows up in is the quarter
it was registered, not necessarily when it happened. Marriages are
recorded on the day they happen so always appear in the right quarter.

Deaths are usually recorded within a few days, so mainly fall into the
same quarter, but, for example, a death happening on 31 Mar, might not
be recorded for a few days so would appear in the Jun Q.

You have something like 43 days to register a birth, so they could
appear in the registers over a month later than they occurred. Even
spanning years! My maternal grandmother was born in 7 Dec 1897, but her
birth not registered until 13 Jan 1898, so appears in the Mar 1898 Q.


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To Alfred and Margaret

Thanks. All the problem dates are where I have recorded (say) JunQ 1906.
have a lot of entries where I only know the Registration quarter, to get
actual dates would involve buying lots of certificates. So dates such as

JunQ 1906 record everywhere except in RM Explorer.
Experimenting with alternatives and examining Date Formats I cannot find
Obviously I can get RM Explorer to record a year but only at the cost of

sacrificing the, more accurate, registration quarter.
Grateful for any suggestions.

Derek Crompton


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