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From: "Joy E. Gulden" <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Reports
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 13:21:12 -0700
References: <001901c783b7$27d0aef0$df898746@d9691h41><00e401c783ba$81f56fd0$4101a8c0@AnnesLaptop><004a01c783cd$882cf310$df898746@d9691h41><><001401c7843b$44a52900$22878746@d9691h41> <><000801c7843f$d83b00a0$22878746@d9691h41><><000801c78450$e07f2eb0$22878746@d9691h41>


What reports are you trying to print in Notepad? Some of
the reports are only set to go to "Screen/ Printer" and not
anywhere else (ie. -- pdf or .txt). Could this be the
problem? On the other reports, my system has me save them
to a .txt file, then I can open them in Notepad or Wordpad
or Works.

Just a thought. Joy Gulden

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