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Subject: Re: [RMagic] WorldVitalRecords
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 09:06:58 -0500
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does anybody have good data from WVR? I spend lots of time and can't find almost nothing useful. Lots information, poor search, too much data which not maen anything. It seem a waste of time and money.


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> Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:39:54 -0600> Subject: Re: [RMagic] WorldVitalRecords
>> I DID email this person directly and after reading your note I'm pasting my
> response to him below:
> I do subscribe to World Vital Records but it won't help you find living
> people. It has tons of databases, but not of living people. You might try
>;. I've used it and had
> good luck. I go to and that first link is what it goes
> to.
>> Becky Jamison> Canon City, CO
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>> If there are any responses, I hope they do NOT contact this person
>> directly,
>> since there are probably several, including me, who would like to read the
>> answer.
>> Thanks,
>> Wayne Field

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