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Subject: Re: [RMagic] GenSmarts
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 18:21:51 EDT

I use GenSmarts and Roots Magic both and love them both. It gives you lots
of ideas on places to look and what needs information to complete it. It is so
quick and takes you right to the places on the Internet where you need to
look for certain things. It is easy to learn to use. Believe me if I didn't have
a problem with it you won't. It really is Awesome! The only negative is that
you never finish the ideas just keep multiplying. It really is great in my
opinion. You just program in your subscriptions to whatever sites you use and
it takes you right to them.
Nancy gobble

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I think GenSmarts is AWESOME!!!!! I use it with both Roots Magic and The
Master Genealogist. I have no problems and it alerts me to "holes" I may
have in my research and gives me tips and hints as to where to go to get the
documentation I need. It's fairly intuitive to learn, too.

Aaron has been very supportive, responding to me within hours after I ask a

I heartily recommend this software.

Linda (who wishes I had this software 40 years ago when I started doing
genealogy with pencil and paper)

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Subject: [RMagic] GenSmarts

So far, I've been eavesdropping on the list! I've been seeing references to
Gen Smarts which until now was an unknown to me. So I searched the web and
of course get glowing reports of their software.

Now, I'd like some testimonials from those of you who use it regularly.
Since 1980; I've moved my data from PAF to Family Origins and finally to
RootsMagic. Had a short go at FamilyTree (didn't like it). My research has
hit several brick walls and so has my enthusiasm; but I surely could use
some help with my Walker, Warren, Williams brick walls - so if GenSmarts
would do that I'm willing to give it a try. However my research time is
limited; so:
Is it difficult to learn to use? (I'm fairly computer literate!)
Do you get better results from it than from the RootsWeb sites and
the Family History Library. I've spent many hours at the Family History
Library in Salt Lake; also the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana;
and Mid-Continent Library in Independence, MO; and those families just
evade me any earlier than 1835. I can make lots of 'guesses' - but that's
not a good idea. I've also done minimal research in Illinois, TN and NC.
Some of my family names are:
Whisnant, Warlick, Walker, Warren, Williams, Mount, Coon,
Ascherbranner, Faulk, Conrow,Smock, Lane, Vancouvenhoven, Vannote, and a
host of other Dutch families.

So, I'm willing to try something else; if...
Geraldine Whisnant Livers
Lawrence, KS

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