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From: Lou Love <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Request for advice about managing multiple databases
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 12:08:14 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Robert - Lou Love here ...
I'm sure ways ti handle your "problem" are many and varied. Like Noses - some fit better
than others. The key will be to find one that makes sense to you.

My method is to keep two main databases.
One is my "proven" linked relations - My Love surname and all co-lateral lines with children related by marriage, etc.
The second is my "Research" database that contains Everything I've collected including my Love lines in database #1. Enter anything that seems remotely related to your lines.

You can merge, delete, and clean up the entries before transferring them to your Family database when you find the link.

I LOVE the drag & drop feature Bruce built into RM.

Good hunting,
Love, Lou
Louis E. Love, O.D.

Robert Chudek - K0RC <> wrote:

I would like advice on how to manage my genealogy projects. If there's a better forum for this kind of discussion, please tell me where to go! :-)

I am using RM 3. Here's the specifics:

My paternal surname is rather unique. I found isolated groups of families in various regions around the world. My approach has been to create a database for each group with the intention of bringing a new branch into my main database when a link is discovered.

My first question is whether this is a reasonable approach? Or should I keep all these separate branches "floating around" in one master database?

Recently I found a tree that "meshes" with my primary database. Mine has several thousand names and about 800 families. The new tree has about 400 people and 80 families. In a quick review I found about a dozen "hits" of identical individuals. This is the largest outside collection of people I have found that attaches to my tree. Usually I find one or two individuals or a few new facts here and there.

Last night I created a new database and imported the two trees. I restarted this process several times when I discovered "better" ways to deal with combining the data. This was new territory for me and I was learning "on the job".

At first, a straight GEDCOM import while tagging each record with a source worked okay. Then I tried another idea of color coding the two source databases red and blue. I drag and dropped these sources into the new database. This "kind of " worked... not all the records in the blue database (second) came over in blue. I'll look at this again to see what I did wrong.

NOTE: A nice feature would be to provide a color coding scheme with the GEDCOM import.

My third step was running a manual Duplicate Search/Merge. This was tedious and took a while, but gave me a feeling for the process and the number of people "intersects" in the new database.

I guess the bottom line is to ask if there is a better approach for this situation? At the moment I'm not too concerned with the quality of the resulting database, citations, etc. I want to get a handle on a good process to follow and any tricks that will help in this situation.

Best regards,

Robert Chudek

P.S. Again, if there's a better forum for this kind of discussion, please tell me where to go! :-)

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