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Subject: Re: [RMagic] Census fact
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 14:24:30 EDT

I agree with what Jerry is saying regarding copies of Census information. I
have been this for 25 years. I have copies of census on MF and never look at
them. Also census information on my hard drive that I have not looked at for I
don't know how long. What I do is enter the information in a census fact
note, Name, age, etc. for head of Household shown on the census and if other then
family members it is shown under a fact for those folks also. Which ever
direct family members are found in the census, age, birth place etc would then be
sourced to that census. I know that the census is filed under the head of
household. If it is different, not under the head of household, then a note is
added to the source where it is located. I use generic souces so I don't have to
look but one place for a census source. Census 1880, Census 1900, etc. The
place the census was taken is normally in my Place list, unless it is some place
new where I have never had someone living.
Regarding keeping a copy of the original census in Multimedia along with
typing the information, that is great, but then I have to ask you to think about
something, How many times have you had to go back to the original census to
verify information, if you have typed it? I know some of you have said,
Ancestry may not be there if I had to look the census up again, Or I don't want to
pay for Ancestry or any other online service to look at a census. If that is
the case then you have probably got tired of doing Genealogy. Today it is
difficult to obtain info without going on line someplace, unless you live in an
area that has a Library and or Courthouse that has all of the information.
In other words if you have typed the census and have it in Notes under a
Census fact, I will be willing to bet any of you that are keeping copies of the
original census that you have not gone back and looked at very often. It is
the same with obituaries. I started keeping copies of all obituaries I found
in multimedia. If I did the typing myself, I needed them to go back and see
where I typed them wrong, but when I was receiving them from a GOOD typist, and
they showed what paper, date of the paper and page, they were in, and I found
that there were no errors, I quit keeping a copy of the actual obituary in a
Multi media file. I would just as soon concentrate on keeping multimedia
information of Pictures of people, Tombstones pictures I have taken and information
that is not available online, that I can't readily replace if the need arises.
Just my two cents worth.


> Subj: Re: [RMagic] Census fact
> Date: 5/16/2008 7:17:21 AM US Mountain Standard Time
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> This has been a great discussion. I have sort of a contrarian question
> about one piece of the discussion, as is sometimes my wont.
> Why keep copies of census images locally when your source for the images is
> If you need to look the images up again, they are still there
> on where you found them in the first place.
> Before online resources starting becoming so ubiquitous, I dutifully made
> copies on paper of any census data I found at the library, whether what I was
> able to find was transcriptions in a book or original census images on
> microfilm. And I dutifully had filing cabinets full of all that paper, all
> cataloged and sorted and arranged so I could find it again. With things going
> online, I find I'm moving my paper filing cabinet more and more to the computer,
> including lots of images of lots of things. Those images have to be managed,
> sorted, indexed, and backed up because I don't want to lose anything if I have
> a computer crash.
> For data that's hard to come by, it's worth the effort to sort, manage,
> index, and backup my images and other computerized versions of the data. And I
> do a lot of that. I have lots of images, and I point RM to my images. But I
> don't point RM to images of the census because I don't keep any images of the
> census. Instead, with I now personally transcribe all the
> census images I'm interested in and I no longer use anybody else's
> transcriptions. I include my transcriptions as notes in census facts. And on those
> occasions where I want to review the images again, I just look them up again at
> Census images are now very easy to come by, and it saves a lot of
> work not to have to store them, manage them, and back them up.
> As a point in passing, I really like the fact that images can be associated
> in RM both with sources and with citations. When an image is associated with
> a source, any time you use that source you immediately have the link to the
> image and no extra work is required to make the link available to you.
> However, I think citations have a weakness in this area. You can associate an
> image with a citation, and you can copy and paste the citation. But if you copy
> and paste the citation, the link to the image is not copied and pasted along
> with the rest of the citation. I've posted a request to fix this to the
> official Wish List, and I hope it's fixed in version 4. I'm assuming that
> others of you all who use a lot of images in RM would also like to see this fixed.
> Jerry Bryan

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