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From: "Jackie Wilson Goddard" <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Census fact
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 18:37:26 -0500
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I use 2 utility programs to help reduce keying the same information over and
over again. Both of them are for Windows and run "in the background". I've
been using them for around 5 years and never had an issue (computer
conflict) with them.

The first is called "Clipomatic" and it's free. It remembers what was
copied to the clipboard and allows you to retrieve it, even after you've
copied something else to the clipboard. So, when I'm entering the same
census date and location for an entire family, I type "1880" and "Gales"
(then RM's auto-completion pulls up Galesburg Twp., Kingman Co., Kansas. I
copy each of them with Control-C. When I go to the next individual, instead
of pasting with Ctrl-V, I hit Ctrl-Alt-V and a pop-up window appears which
shows, in reverse order, the last 10 things I copied. I select the one I
want to use in that field and then go onto the next field, Ctrl-Alt-V again,
and select the next one.

The second one is a "text replacement" utility called ShortKeys. You can
chose the "Lite" version and be limited to 15 sets or the full version (no
limits) costs $19.95. The phrases I type out the most frequently are set up
in the ShortKeys program with a "key" such as:
yld = "-year-old "
wbi = "was born in "
bni = "born in "
kss = "Kansas"
whm = "white male "
whf = "white female "
enm = "ED #, SD #, Page , Sheet , Lines , Dwelling , Family ; viewed "

Whenever I type the "key", it is replaced with the text. So, let's say I
the following sentence in my fact note:
Mary was a 3-year-old white female born in Kansas during 1882.

I actually typed
Mary was a 3yldbnikssduring 1882.

If it's over 5 letters and I type it frequently, it's set up in ShortKeys,
such as state names (msc = Massachusetts), given names (tmh = Timothy), full
locations (gkk = Galesburg Twp., Kingman Co., Kansas), even my own signature
(sigj = Jackie Wilson Goddard)! The more I use it, the more ways I think of
using it - and I'm lost without it.

If you interested, just Google either of the names ShortKeys and Clipomatic.


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