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While a call number for a specific genealogy book in Oregon might be the
same as the number in a library in Georgia, it is more likely that the call
numbers would be different.

The call number of the book in either library shows you where to locate the
book in that library. Call numbers are often made up of any or all of the
following: classification number (Dewey Decimal, Library of Congress,
Superintendent of Documents or other system); cutter number or letters that
stand for first letters of the author's last name; year of publication. In
addition, many libraries have multiple collections for example: reference
collection, genealogy collection, genealogy reference collection, etc. So at
the start of the call number you may find some letters telling you which
collection contains the book such as R for Reference, GEN for genealogy
collection, etc.

For example, in the library where I used to work, The Oregon Burial Site
Guide has a the following call number: GEN 979.5 BYRD 2001 telling you that
to find the book look in the Genealogy Collection for 979.5 BYRD 2001. It
also tells you that the book has an author with the name of Byrd and the
book was published in 2001.

Because libraries vary in how they organize their collections, the call
numbers they use for a given genealogy book will vary also. Small libraries
and some collections may have call numbers using only one of the basic
elements listed above. This is a good reason for keeping the call number
field with the Repository as Rootsmagic does.

Hope that helps to clarify.


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Would the call number for a specific genealogy book in Oregon be the same
number as in the library in Georgia foe example?

Doug Couch

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