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From: Alfred Eller <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Can't restore backup
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 23:11:48 -0600
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Oh yes, I forgot that Windows now shows the contents of a zip file just
like it was a folder.

"C:\Program Files\RootsMagic\ " tells me that you are using Vista and
your database is normally in the program folder.
(I should have guessed you were trying to use Vista.)

First off, Microsoft doesn't want anyone to change anything in the
"Program Files" folder
I have preached against this many times, but many people haven't heard
my sermon yet.

Create new folders for your databases and other data files, either
directly in a drive or in My Documents.
Go to the RootsMagic Tools>Options and set the Files options to point to
these folders.

Now try restoring that backup in that designated folder, NOT under
Program Files.

Alfred D. Eller

W May wrote:
> Actually, I don't seem to need anything to view the backup files. Simply
> clicking (once) on the file name "may (2008-11-01).zip" in the left pane
> where they are stored will display the individual files in the right pane.
> There are 37 of them.
> Perhaps I'm not describing the problem correctly, so let me go over it step
> by step: When I open RootsMagic, it displays a database over a year old.
> When I click File>Restore Backup, I get a window with a space to insert
> "Backup to restore". I browse to the proper location and click on the file
> "may (2008-11-01).zip" to restore and it's entered into the space. A second
> space in the window is for "Folder to restore backup in". It has C:\Program
> Files\RootsMagic\ already entered, so I leave it as is. I then click "Begin
> restore" and get a window asking "Overwrite the existing database?" I click
> "Yes" and get a window saying "The backup was not fully restored." And
> nothing has changed in the outdated database. How do I restore to a
> different folder?
> Bill May
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> Subject: Re: [RMagic] Can't restore backup
>> RootsMagic does NOT restore a backup into any database, it just
>> uncompresses an existing one.
>> You do not need RootsMagic to change a RootsMagic backup into a
>> RootsMagic database.
>> WinZip will do it. If you happen to have it installed, double clicking
>> on a RootsMagic Backup will call WinZip and a click or two will
>> uncompress it into the 35 or so files of the database which you can then
>> open with RootsMagic.
>> If the backup will not restore, you may be able to look at it with
>> WinZip (there are a few other compression programs which would do it
>> too.) to see if you do have at least 33 files in the backup. Without all
>> of the files, it will not restore properly.
>> Otherwise, I do not know why your backup will not restore.
>> It sounds like you did one thing right, you made a backup of your
>> existing database before trying to restore it's old backup..
>> If you do not want to overwrite an existing database, you can rename
>> that existing database or restore to a different folder.
>> A backup cannot be completely restored if it is trying to overwrite an
>> existing database that has any of it's file "Read Only" attributes set.
>> Alfred D. Eller
>> =====================================
>> W May wrote:
>>> I had, in fact, added data lately--but backed it up. The file (.rmg) that
>>> now opens is dated 7/23/2007 and doesn't have the recent data. The latest
>>> backup file (.zip) is dated 11/01/2008. I have tried to restore it into
>>> the
>>> database containing the old file and into a newly created, empty one. I
>>> now
>>> understand that one can't restore into an empty database but it won't
>>> restore into the old one, either. Any advice?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Bill May
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