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Subject: Re: [RMagic] Help - BIG Problem 2
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2009 09:34:01 -0600
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Hello All,

Thanks for the suggestions that each one has sent. Here is what I have

I went to another computer to load RootsMagic. Then I attempted to
recover the database from my thumb drive. When the process finished, the
database was still empty. I tried all the backups on my thumb drive back
into November, and they were all empty. Yet all my other documents and
photographs are still on the thumb drive.

The database I have on the other computer is dated November 12, so that
is my most recent information. When I checked the properties on each
database, I see that I have lost 61 people, 15 families, 104 events, and
12 places. I guess that is gone forever. And I do not have notes on
everything because some of it I just entered after internet searches.

I believe that this is what happened. After I attempted to Rebuild
Indexes my RootsMagic suddenly closed down. That had never happened
before. When I reopened the database, I was concerned that my attempt to
Save the recent information had failed. I did not realize that my data
had been corrupted, and I just saved it again. Clearly, I saved a
corrupted file.

I guess my one option is to copy the files from the other computer,
delete my current database, and then install the November 12 files. I
have some handwritten notes from the last three or four days which will
at least help with recent research. I also printed a few pages on two
families I have been working on over the past week.

I have decided that I will NEVER need to rebuild indexes again!!

Thanks again. Happy New Year to all.


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One thing that has not been mentioned in this thread would be to make
existing backups read only as soon as you realize you have a problem
with the database. That will assure that you do not overwrite a good
backup that you need to rescue your data. If you try to overwrite a
read only database the program will give you an error message.
I always give my backups the database name preceeded by the rootsmagic
version number and followed by a number. I.E. followed by
3mine and make the previous backup read only before moving it to
a "backup" folder from its "currrent zip" folder.

To make a file read only in Windows XP: right click on the file, chose
properties from the drop down list, put a checkmark in the "read only"
box, click 'OK".

>--- On Thu, 1/1/09, Alfred Eller <> wrote:
>From: Alfred Eller <>
>Subject: Re: [RMagic] Help - BIG Problem
>Date: Thursday, January 1, 2009, 12:11 AM
>If your database becomes corrupted, for goodness sakes do not back it
>and overwrite what may be a good backup that you made earlier.
>Backing up a corrupted database will give you a corrupted backup which
>is of no use at all.
>About all you can do is to try restoring a backup from before this
>problem started showing up.
>Alfred D. Eller

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