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From: Alfred Eller <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Optional Help Needed
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 00:46:40 -0500
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I am quite sure that you know that this is off topic for this mail list.
So stop pushing it.

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Jon P Czarowitz wrote:
> My problem was that he gave only $ to them and not land. It seems like a token gesture in one sense, but because of the surname involved indicates that an actual relationship was involved. The over use of the term half makes it difficult if it were not for the surname.
> There were multiple marriages between these two surnames.
> Yes I will carry them as siblings. I cannot find a trace of them before or after this document.
> This was the will probated a year after death. The census has only numbers and his Father makes no mention of them.
> Thanks for the thoughts and advise. This line are cousins going way back. With this will I am getting closer to proving they are double cousins. I am related to both surnames and to them on at least one, but when records show parents unknown on both lines it is hard.
> Tennessee is such a interesting place to research if you like trees. The lines coming thru that state are forests spreading out the saplings.
> Jon P Czarowitz

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