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From: Alfred Eller <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Fw: Performance & Operational Problem - Media Gallery
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 11:17:58 -0500
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The gallery is just a listing of the media you have linked to someone or
If you "New from Disk" you add that item to the person and to the gallery
If you have already added an item to someone, it will be in the gallery,
if you add that same item to someone else "New from Disk" it will be
placed in the gallery again. If you choose to "Add from Gallery" that
multiple listing will be avoided.
(If you have a family picture of a large family, and you add from disk
to each member, that same item will be in the gallery as many times as
you have added it from disk. -- making your database larger and possibly
slowing it down a bit.)

No, there is not yet any facility to link an item to multiple people at

I would sort my media items into folders just as before, forget about
the Media Gallery while storing your files, it is just an alphabetical
list of thumbnails of the files you have linked anywhere in your
database, no mater where you have them stored.

Alfred Eller

Sherry Warren wrote:
> If I had to transfer my database, etc. to a new computer because the old
> one died, would I encounter linking problems between images and events?
> Does using subfolders in the Windows 7 Pictures folder contained in
> Libraries affect the result (end product?)
> On the flip side, is there any "advantage" to using "Add from Gallery?"
> (Pretty much the same questions from above.)
> I just thought of one last question.
> At this time I don't know if you can add/link an image to multiple
> events/persons "at the same time" without having to add/link the image to
> each one separately? Does using "Add New Media ->" or "Add from Gallery"
> affect this?
> I'm sure there are lots of questions I didn't ask because I don't know to
> ask them yet. I am just starting to save images in my Windows 7
> Pictures folder contained in Libraries. I have not added/linked any images
> to my RM4 file at this point. That is why this conversation caught my
> interest. I would like to "start off on the right foot" or at least the
> "best foot." Thanks for your help.
> Sherry Warren
> Recording Secretary
> Clark County Genealogical Society

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