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From: "Jerry Bryan" <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Fw: Performance & Operational Problem - Media Gallery
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 14:55:04 -0400
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> At this time I don't know if you can add/link an image to multiple
> events/persons "at the same time" without having to add/link the image to
> each one separately? Does using "Add New Media ->" or "Add from Gallery"
> affect this?

None of being able to link "multiple events persons at the same time" has
anything to do with whether you are linking from the Gallery or linking from
files in Windows. But as far as being able to link multiple things "at the
same time", one way to think of it is that there are basically 5 places in
RM4 where you can add an image. I say "basically", because it depends a
little bit on how you count the places.

You can add an image to:

1. A person
2. The family of which the person is a member.
3. A fact associated with the person

You can add an image to:

1. A Master Source
2. A Source Citation

If you add an image to a person, a family, or to a fact, then you will have
to re-enter the link to the image each time. It seems to me that the
purpose of adding images in this way is primarily so that the images can
appear in reports of various kinds, not so that the images can serve as
documentation. And it seems to me that images added in this way most
typically would be photographs, not things like census images.

If you add an image to a Master Source, then the link to the image becomes a
"permanent" part of the Master Source. It's already there whenever you use
the Master Source. You don't have to copy and paste any image ever again
that's associated with that Master Source. Just use the Master Source, and
the link to the image is already there. Of course, this begs the question
of how you want to handle Master Sources vs. Source Citations. I tend to
use as few Master Sources as possible, and my Master Sources tend not to be
associated with any images at all. For example, I treat the whole U.S.
Federal Census as one Master Source. Other researchers go to the other
extreme and make one individual census image into a Master Source. There
are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, and there are
compromises that contain elements of both approaches.

If you add an image to a Source Citation, then the link to the image becomes
a "permanent" part of that Source Citation. The difference between Master
Sources and Source Citations in this regard is that there is a master list
of Master Sources, and there is not a master list of Source Citations. To
reuse a Source Citation, you have to Memorize and Paste it from somewhere
you have already used it. Most typically, the place you already used it was
from another fact for the same person you already working on 10 seconds ago
(e.g., the same Source Citation is often used for a census fact for a person
and for a birth fact for the same person), or from a fact from a family
member you were working on 30 seconds ago (say a parent or sibling who is in
the same census entry). So in practice, you tend to enter the Source
Citation once, memorize it, and then paste it several times all within the
span of 5 or 10 minutes.

Jerry Bryan

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