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From: "Tom Holden" <>
Subject: Re: [RMagic] Index Column birth?
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 12:19:10 -0500
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Yes. A year ago I developed a SQLite query to investigate birth years
missing from the sidebar index or not matching those of the Birth facts. The
causes are varied:

1. Invalid date format in the Birth fact
2. Some procedural flaw in RootsMagic failing to update the table field that
is displayed in the index to match the year value stored in the Birth fact
date field.

In either case, you need to edit and save the Birth fact in Edit Person to
trigger an update that will display in the index. In the first case, correct
the invalid birth date; in the second, a simple change to any field for the
Birth fact, undo the change and Save will do the trick.

The SQLite query gives you a list of the missing and mis-matched birth years
that you can work through using RM4 to correct. It can be found at .

Of course, the procedural flaw in RM that fails to do the update should be
regarded as a bug.


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From: "Betty Stokes" <>
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Subject: [RMagic] Index Column birth?

> Does anyone have an idea about why my index column is showing birth dates
> for some people and not others who have their birth date entered. There is
> only one birth date entered. No duplicate person. I have looked
> everywhere
> I can think of to try to make the date show.
> Betty

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