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From: BRCogburn <>
Subject: [RMagic] Help for making a report for tax purposes
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2012 17:34:46 -0800
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I sent this ticket to MechCad:

I'm trying to make a report showing individual monthly
payments by payee and sub category for charity deductibles
for upcoming taxes. The category is Charity Donations and
the sub is Deductible. I've attached a report I used to make
in Microsoft Money to illustrate what I need. I really need
it in this format to be able to check for receipts, confirm
that only deductibles are included, and be able to easily
retrieve the backup should I be audited. I can't find a way
to do it with any of the Category report options no matter
how I filter. None of the suggested knowledge base articles
seem remotely related to this question.

I submitted the ticket so I could send an attachment showing
what I needed and received the following answer below which
seems to indicate that it's not possible but suggests
asking the Yahoo group. I have never been able to access
that group. Though I dislike Yahoo I did try once again to
create an account. They now require personal information
which is entirely unnecessary, (birthdate and gender)
and I'm not willing to do that. Since I can't send an
attachment to groups, this is an example of what I need.

January Meals on Wheels
Bank Pay 50.00
Texas Womans
University Chk4094 _100.00_

Total 250.00

February Museum of Tolerance
Chk4250 150.00
Smile Train
Bank Pay _250.00_

Total 400.00

Etc. It's really very simple. If it's possible to do this
kind of report in Ace Money, I would really appreciate help
on how to do it.

Barbara Cogburn


Date: 2012-03-10 18:36:14
Name: Goran Vuletic



The closest I see you could get is the "Monthly spendings by
subcategories", and then click on a month column header to
sort by it. You will then get the sums per month.

Also, you can join AceMoney Yahoo group at and post your
question there. There are many experienced AceMoney users
and group moderators who will be happy to assist you.

Goran Vuletic
MechCAD Software

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