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Subject: [ROPER] A Quick Note About St. Christopher's
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As I have noted in previous posts, there is more than a little reason to believe that Captain William ROPER, of Accomack, is the son of Christopher ROPER, 2nd Baron Teynham.

William ROPER, is known to have married Mary EPPES, the sister of William EPPES, who built the fortifications at Accomack, subsequently placed under the command of Captain William ROPER.

I wanted to call to the particular attention of ROPER genealogists that William EPPES actually departed Virginia for St. Christopher's about 1627.

An EPPES genealogist gives us this information:

2. William Epes; born ca. 1584, buried 17 Jan 1592/3 at Detling.

"Capt. William Epes, baptized 7 March 1594/5, was in France and the Low Countries in 1616 and late in 1617 was living with his cousin Thomas Godfrey at Selling, Kent. Soon afterwards he sailed for Virginia in the William and Thomas, arriving 29 August 1618. He was employed as agent by Sir Nicholas Tufton (afterwards Earl of Thanet) and was in command of Smith's Hundred Company in 1619 when he engaged in a shipboard quarrel near Newport News with Capt. Edward Roecroft alias Stallenge and, striking him with his scabarded sword, 'cleft' his skull. Rosecroft died the next day. Epes, tried, was found guilty of manslaughter, but after a short while was restored to his command. By 1623 he was commander of the Eastern Shore. In the census, 16 Feb 1623/4, he, Mrs. Epes and 'Petter Epps' are listed on the Eastern Shore. Here in 1624 William Epes accused Ensign Savage of libelling him and 'did lay the said Ensign Savage neck and heels;' small wonder he was called a 'mad, ranting fellow!
.' In 1627 or the next year he moved to St. Christopher's, West Indies.

"By 3 May 1630 William Epes was a member of the Council of St. Christopher's. On 18 July 1633 he made a power of attorney to William Stone concerning his land in Virginia. By the later 1630s he had returned to Ashford, Kent. His will, 13 Jan 1640/1-3 Mar 1642/3, named his wife Margaret, son William and daughter Frances. Margaret, who came to Virginia in the George, 1621, married him by 1623. Her sister, Mrs. Harthwaye, was with her in Virginia. Margaret married (2) Dr. Henry Bradshaw, rector of Chawton, Hampshire, and Prebendary of Winchester Cathedral, who died in 1690. She was buried 19 January 1673/4."


This same genealogist reports:

"12. Mary Epes, baptized 18 Nov 1599 at Ashford. She married, (license 3) March 1622/3 at Kennington, co. Surrey, William Roper, Gent., of Stoke, Kent, second son of Christopher Roper (1561-1622), 2nd Baron Teynham, of the Lodge, Linsted, Kent, and his wife Katharine Seborne. He inherited the estate of Malmaine in Stoke which had come to the Roper family from his paternal grandmother but alienated it to ____ Jones in the reign of Chalres I."

[King Charles I's reign lasted from March 27, 1625, through January 30, 1649]

This EPPES genealogy also asserts:

"John Epps died in Brook, a village three and a half miles from Ashford and, as John Epes, gent., householder, was buried at Ashford 19 November 1627. His will, made a John Epse of Ashford, co. Kent, the elder, dated 10 August 1625 and proved 16 December 1627, provided:

"To my wife Thomasine goods etc. To my daughter Thomasine Epes bedstead etc. pestle which was my sister Fookyes [sic?, Tookyes?] & 10. To my son John Epes 10 when my house in North Lane is sold. To my son Edward 10. To Peter Epes 10 and so to the rest of my sons. My wife to be executrix. My house in North Lane in Ashford & closes etc. to be sold & rest of money to my executrix but if dead to my sons John Epes, William Epes, Francis Epes, Peter Epes & Edward Epes. My wife Thomasine with consent of my brother in law John Bankes of Maidstone, my cousin Alline Epes & my son Rooper to sell said tenement. They to be overseers & to them 10/- each.

"Witn[ess] Edmunc Hayes."

Another account of Captain William EPPES can be found at:

This account contains this description:

"Captain Eppes was replaced as commander in 1628 again by Captain Thomas Graves, and Eppes went to Saint Christopher's Island, where in 1630 he sat upon the governing council. Pirates were a problem in the Carribean at that time. He returned that same year to Ashford in Kent. On July 18, 1633, Captain William Eppes wrote to "Lovinge friend William Stone now by ... bound in the goos ship "Loyalte" of London to the Eastern Shor of Chisapond Bay to seize and re-enter all my said land" and witnessed by Ra. Acams and Henry Ouldham. Captain William Eppes was involved in another legal problem in England in 1639 and was planning to leave England but died by 1640. William Stone, a Puritan, spent twenty years in Northampton, Virginia before going to Maryland to become the Governor of what had been a Catholic colony."

>From this, we see that Thomas GRAVES succeeded Captain William EPPES at Accomack, but that EPPES had sought in 1633 to place William STONE in charge in his stead. William STONE married Thomas GRAVES' daughter Verlinda. Thomas GRAVES died in 1636.

In 1635, a Hannah ROPER, age 23, is shown to be arriving in St. Christophers from England, aboard the ship "Paul". I have elsewhere shown that a William ROPER married a Hannah HOLLAM on 19 JAN 1629 at Saint Gregory By Saint Paul, London, London, England.

Captain William ROPER's first Virginia patent is dated 1636. He is shown to have transported a William YATES and George COLLINGTON (or COLLETON) to Virginia.

Captain William ROPER also seems to have married Captain Thomas GRAVES' widow, Katherine GRAVES (possibly the former Katherine GRAYGOOSE).

The fact that William EPPES was previously at St. Christophers and that Hannah ROPER was bound for St. Christophers in 1635 raises the interesting possibility that William ROPER might have himself made an intermediate journey to St. Christopher's prior to his arrival in Virginia.


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