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Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 05:17:39 EST

I am researching on Montgomery B. Rose b. 1815 in Tn. He is found on the
1850 Census Wright C., Mo. 375/375
RSE. Montgomery 35 Unknown farmer
Rebecca 28 "
Isaac 11 Mo
Manervia 9 Mo
Nancy 6 Mo
Litey 3m Mo
Alexander 1 Mo
he is found on 1860 Census Texas C., Mo
ROSE, M. B. 44 m Tn (800 Mo. Families records his name to be
B. Rose by mistake)
Rebecca 38 f Tn
Nancy 15 f Mo
James H. 14m Mo (probably Litey from 1850)
Alexander 11m Mo
Martha E. 9f Mo
Moses S. 6m Mo (Middle name believed to be Stout)
Louisa C. 5f Mo
Becky A. 1 f Mo

Montgomery inlisted in the Confederate Army July 29, 1862 and was wounded Dec
7, 1863 at Prairie Grove, Ark, and was left at a hospital there and never
heard from again.
Land records show that he owned Land in Pulaski Co. and sold his land
to John H. Vincent the father of his wife Rebecca Vincent. BLM records show
he purchased land in Texas Co. in 1859. I have been told that Rebecca died
either while he was in Ark or shortly there after.
According to Don Vincent, author of "800 Missouri Families", there is a
Samuel Rose b. England c. 1773 listed on 31 Texas 50, made entry in Wright C.
in 1837, Montgomery Twp records Goodspeed p.365.
The 1850 Texas Co. Census shows a ROSE: Samuel 77 m Eng.
Margaret Ann 33 f
William 18 m
Caroline 10 f
8 f Mo
Peter 7 m
Barton 3 m
Samuel 4/12 m Mo
The reason I believe Rebecca died sometime in the 1860 is her children appear
to have been farmed out to family and friends on the 1870 Pulaski census.
Louisa C. age 13 Mo. was livind with Amanda E. Lewis age 24, and Stout Rose
age 16 was working as farm laborer for Isaac Robison, possibly the brother of
Berry Robison the first husband of Rebecca. I believe this Samuel Rose may
have been Montgomery's father as my father talked of having a great Uncle
Bart and that he was English and Irish. It appears that Mo. suffered greatly
during the Civil War as many families were living together on the 1870
census. As Malinda Vincent 42 Mo. no husband, 11 children and Samuel
McElroy with 5 children were living together, Issac Robinson, Stout Rose,
Johanna Lewis NC and two children living together, Nancy Hill 60 Mo, John
Jennings , Bart Rose 24 Mo living together, Amanda E. Lewis 24 Mo, 3
children, Louisa C. Rose 13 Mo, and Anderson J. Lewis 36 Mo living together.
The Musgroves and McElroys living together. These families were all
If anyone can give me any clues or prove any of my beliefs please let me know.

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