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Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 10:04:17 EDT

My Grandmother, Magdalena Roth, was born August 16, 1884. My Grandfather's
naturalization papers list her place of birth as Constanciz, Romania. I am not
sure but I believe that Constanciz is present day Constanta, Romania which is
a city on the banks of the Black Sea. The 1810 Census for Emmons County
North Dakota lists Magdalena's parents as both being born in Romania and her
primary language as German.

Magdalena came to the US in 1902 and in 1903 she married my Grandfather,
Jacob Esch, in the town of Linton, Emmons County, North Dakota. I know that she
had at least two brothers, Jakob Roth and Andreas Roth (known as Andy or
Andrew) who lived in or near the town of Max, North Dakota in McLean County.

I have found some Roth names in McLean County, including a Jakob and Andreas
but I am not sure if these are the brothers of my Grandmother. These Roths
appear to have come to McLean County between 1904 and 1909 as they filed
naturalization papers with the first set in 1904 in Wells County and the second set
in 1909 in McLean County. Unfortunately my Grandmother never filed any
naturalization papers so I only have documentation on her ancestry from my
Grandfather's papers. He was born near Odessa and came to the US in 1901.

I hope someone on this list can help me in my search for Roth ancestors.


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