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From: "Colleen Flannery" <>
Subject: [ROUSSEAU] Charles Rousseau, stonecarver, Washington DC 1860s-1903
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 06:53:56 -0400

I'm studying a couple of tombstone carvers who were prominent in Washington
DC in the 1850-1900 period. One of the most talented was Charles ROUSSEAU.

Seeking info (nationality, ancestry, etc) for him.

Only know the following:

He was married to Elizabeth unknown
Elizabeth died at age 27 in 1867 and is buried at Mt Olivet Cemetery in WDC
Three kids are buried with her, Octavia age 6, Anthony age 2 and Charles age
1. Only Octavia has a date, 1864.

Charles apparently remarries to Henrietta S. unknown
She survives him and is found in DC city directories
He has at least two sons by Henrietta, Charles T. and Francis S. Charles T.
also works as a stone carver. Francis, however, works as a plate printer
for the Bureau of Engraving.

There may also be a dau called Rosalie J. (she could be a wife to one of the
bros above).

Charles, the sculptor, was in the Civil War and received a pension (which I
have not received yet). He died in 1903. I have not located his burial

Also in DC at this time are other ROUSSEAUs including

Henry H
Lovell Q
Lovell H
Lottie E, widow of Eugene

I have not established relationships between these individuals or between
these individuals and the Charles Roussea I'm seeking.

I have info on these from city directories that I would be happy to share.

I have NO INFO beyond these DC leads.

As noted, I'm trying to develop a "scholarly" work on a couple of DC
tombstone carvers and seek this info in a timely manner.

All help welcome.

Colleen flannery

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