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From: John Cain <>
Subject: Rowan Co NC Militia
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 19:40:36 -0800

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FYI. Here is about the only record of my James Ware that I can find in
Rowan County. He was there at least in 1780. Maybe someone else can use
some of these names.

John E Cain
4601 Concord Drive
Garland, TX 75042 -----Amite County MS

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>From "Roster of North Carolina Soldiers in the American Revolution"
R973.3 D238NR. GPC, Baltimore 1967.

Payroll of Capt. Samuel Reid, Aug 9, 1780 - Name and Rank.

Samuel Reid, Capt (Rowan co.) JAMES H. WARE, pt
Robert Allison, Lieut JAMES WARE, pt
Robert Rawlston, 1st Lt. James Walton, pt
Boston Dyson, 2nd Lt. William Taylor, pt
Allen MacCaboy, Ensn Arch Smith, pt
Peter Reggen, 1st Cpl William Anderson, pt
James Marlow, 2nd Cpl Robert Holmes, pt
Arch McCoerade, pt Thos Bailey, pt
William Whitfield, pt Philip Dyson, pt
James Norris, pt. Robt. Barley, pt
William Dobbins, pt Leander Smith, pt
James McHargers, pt James Kidd, pt
Patrick Hamers, pt Ebenezer Dickey, pt
Aaron Laranison, pt Alexander Patterson, pt
Robt. Wilson, pt Michael Kinleven, pt
James Weil, pt Tarden Ann Hollow, pt
R. D. Walker, pt William Patterson, pt
James I Boostax, pt


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