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Subject: Re: [RowanRoots] "Polly" for Mary
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 12:23:48 EST

Nicknames are not just to have something shorter or easier to say, like Zach
for Zachariah and Jerry for Jeremiah. Sometimes there are a dozen people in
an extended with one name, as in a grandmother with a daughter and 10
granddaughters named Mary you have to have some way to tell them apart!

Our family is FULL of kids named for grandparents and great -grandparents,
and in some cases it is not a common or simple name.. there are 2 Covington
Hardys and i think 5 Miles Hardys..., 3 consecrative John Wilsons and each
of them has nephews named for him as well as sons grandsons....and I even
have 4 Lively Rushings! It sounds like a distinctive name, but NO... one
was a Lively Rushing at birth, m Samuel Cheairs, and one was her niece
Lively Webb( whose mother was a Cheairs) , who married Robin Rushing...
the other 2 are a niece and granddaughter of the second one.

As confusing as nicknames are, they do help to sort out which one of several
alike-named people a particular person is.

My granddaughter is Mary Catherine, for her 2 grandmothers, and Mary goes
back in both families at least to the 1400's..and the first Catherine was
Catherine Collins in the 1600's in MD...we are BIG on naming children family
names, but most do go by nicknames... Jimmy for our James II, as his dad uses
James, and Mollie for Mary Catherine.

I, in an effort to avoid nicknames, named my kids Amy and Jill.. which are
just about impossible to nickname, though people try!

The JILL is for my father, whose initials are G L ! I wanted her named for
him, was not going for Georgette or Georgia, Georgina, etc.. and no G-girls'
names seemed to suit.

There are a LOT of nicknames that do not even resemble the name they stand

Not only do Mollie and Polly stand for Mary, so do Maizie and Daisy, and
Maude is a form of Mary.

Sadie as well as Sallie are for Sarah.

Nancy is a nickname for Anne, though it has become a " real name" over the

I once knew a fellow named Lesley Wellington Cohen, who was Puerto Rican and
went by MIKE!


You can pick your own nickname, if you like.

My brother who was 21 months old when I was born could not say Catherine, (
and Mama was already " Kate: and did not like "Cathy..neither do I!) so I got
Cacky...and it stuck. His middle name is our ggmo's maiden name, Landreth,
so he goes by " Lanny"...couldn't use "George"( his first name) as that was
our father and grandfather's name...and there is no normal nickname for

I know a kid whose mama gave him the letter C as a middle name. It can't be
abbreviated, as to abreviate by definition is to shorten a word, and adding
the required period would lengthen it!

How and why people name their kids and for whom is really interesting.

I have a mess of relatives in the 1800's named for Presbyterian ministers.
Some are kin, some not ( or so far not connected if they are kin).

There has to be a REASON to name a tiny baby Theodore Freylinghuysen



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