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From: "Virginia Brown" <>
Subject: [RowanRoots] "You ain't just whistlin' Dixie" - 2
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 23:13:09 -0400

There is a short description on this web site, along with the origin of other sayings.


Q.: What is the origin / meaning of the phrase, "You ain't just whistling dixie?"
- Maria T.
A.: It's an expression meaning that you're not kidding around. It surfaced during the 20th century, but it's roots come from the song Dixie Land. Nobody seems to know for sure how "whistling dixie" came to signify being serious about something. Dixie itself is thought to be an abbreviation of the Mason-Dixon line, which divide the North and South prior to the U.S. Civil War.

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