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From: "Fredric Z. Saunders" <>
Subject: Re: [ROWANROOTS] 1762 Legal Age to Purchase Land
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 16:53:08 -0600
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A person did not have to be 21 to own land, whether by purchase, grant or
inheritance. As Katherine noted, he did have to be 21 to sell it.

I have the brother of an ancestor who hedged his bets right before the
Revolutionary War. In January 1776 he sold land to three of his sons, all
of whom were probably under age 10. A few weeks later on the way to the
Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge as a Loyalist he surrendered himself, was
sent to prison first in VA and then MD. He was later sent to the British in
an apparent exchange of prisoners. His land, including that he sold his
sons was confiscated, but they later were able to reclaim it.

Rick Saunders

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