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From: "Rick Royer" <>
Subject: [ROYER] New important verified Royer information
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 12:58:24 -0800

It has been verified now that the Wilhem Reyer that some thought was the father of Sebastian Reyer is true. I will paste the verified information from Winfried Seelinger in to this message. This is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!

Winfried is a university professor in Germany. There is also a link to his webpage as well as his email address for you all to ask questions.

Rick Royer

Hello Rick,

I'm glad to meet you again via internet. Yes it was a long time since we had contact. You remember I found out some information on the Reyer family and I destroyed the legend of the Reyer family and could give you the proof that the REYERS were natives from Germany and did not come as Huegenots from France. I gave my information to you and to Mr.Mark Mendenhall from Chattanooga / TN. He is a Reyher descendant, too. I think you remember to him. But I think the new information on the Reyers did not reach most of the descendants. Meanwhile I have seen many genealogical webpages and nearly all say, Sebastian Reyer, the migrant to America was a French citizen. We both know this is an error. Perhaps you should publish the new information for all to see.

Now to the reason of my new contact to you. I know or I think you are the host of the Royer page in the net. Today I have a new information which is

- I do know this- very interesting and important for you and all the Reyers/Royers. You should know before that I'm working on a family book about the village of Böhl, the place where the Reyers came from. Of course I try to find out all information on former citizens from Böhl. Concerning the Reyers last Thursday I found at an archive the following entry in a family book from Ladenburg (Ladenburg is a town located between the towns of Mannheim and Heidelberg in the State Baden-Wuerttemberg).

I proudly present to you:


Marriage: 26. November 1650 Ladenburg, ref. religion

Wilhelm Reyer married to Anna Margarethe KARCH (also: KARG). She was daughter of Anstadt KARCH from the Straßenheimer Hof ( a

farm) near Ladenburg

Birth entry: 14.Sept. 1651 Hans Jörg (= Georg) Reyer, son of Wilhelm Reyer.

This is our man who later lived at Böhl. Another entry shows it, too:

7th of Feb 1691 died in Ladenburg Maria Margarethe, daughter of Georg Reyer from Böhl., old 5 years


You should know that from 1689 to 1698 French soldiers occupied our palatinate region and the inhabitants escaped to the right side of river Rhein (Rhine) and spent there in the villages some years. Georg Rheyer went to the place from where his mother came, I think he had there still relatives and lived at Ladenburg some years. Here his daughter died. Later he had again a girl named Anna Margarethe.

Now you see my information I gave you some years ago was correct. Georg Reyer was the son of Wilhelm Reyer, now we know his birth date. 14.Sept.1651 in Ladenburg and his death date 20. Aug.1700 in Böhl. His son Sebastian (married to Agnes Flockert) migrated to America.

>From the father Wilhelm we do know his marriage date (Nov.1650) and we know that he was in 1682 mayor in Böhl and was still alive in 1686.

What do you say to the new information I found?

When you publish it please use my name, my webpage ( or my Email. Then interested persons can contact me directly.

And I'm a little bit proud that I found out the dates and could help you and all the Royer descendants.

I think you'll contact me soon.



Winfried Seelinger

Gutenbergplatz 2

67125 Dannstadt-Schauernheim



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