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From: John Halstead <>
Subject: Alpheus Rude; Mayflower; Rudes in Connecticut, Indiana, Massachus etts, New York
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 20:18:21 -0400

To Helen Graves, Dona B. Reeves-Marquardt, and subscribers to the Rude
Family List:

I am a new subscriber to the Rude Family List and this is my first posting.
This message contains some information for Helen Graves, who posted a
message on December 18, 1998, under the subject "RUDES (some) in Indiana",
and Dona B. Reeves-Marquardt who posted a message on December 19, 1998 under
the subject "Alpheus Rude." I have quite a few questions myself; if anyone
has any answers to my questions which follow, I would appreciate it.

I have some information on Jabez Rood/Rude. Most of the following
information up to the first Alpheus Rude comes from the following book:
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume 14, Family of Myles
Standish, edited by Robert S. Wakefield, compiled by Russell L. Warner,
Published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1997.

Jabez Rood was born in Norwich, CT on February 7, 1693/4, and died in
Lebanon, CT on May 17, 1760. He married Mehitable Standish ca. (means
about) 1716. Mehitable was probably born in Preston, CT and died before
April 24, 1743. Jabez Rood's will states that Jabez Rood's name is Jabez
Rude. This must be where the family changed the spelling of their name from
Rood to Rude. Does anyone have any information on the name change-did it
occur at some earlier time? Mehitable's great, grandfather was Captain
Myles Standish of The Mayflower. Dona, you are likely to be a Mayflower
descendant-I encourage you to join your state's Mayflower Society, if you
haven't done so already.

Dona-I believe you are missing a generation between #3 Jabez Rude/Rood and
#4 Alpheus Rude. Otherwise it would mean that Jabez Rude/Rood was 56 or 57
years old when Alpheus Rude was born-not too likely. Jabez and Mehitable
Rude had a son Josiah Standish Rude bp. (means baptized) in Lisbon, CT on
July 17, 1726, and died in Ashfield, MA on June 7, 1808 (other sources say
1806). He married Mary Foster in Stafford, CT on May 8, 1749. Mary Foster
was born in Stafford, CT on October 12, 1725, and died before July 3, 1797.

Next comes Alpheus Rude. Josiah Standish Rude and Mary Foster had a son
Alpheus born April 5, 1750, in Stafford, CT. Dona, you wrote that Alpheus
Rude died in Lebanon, New York-I have other sources that say he died in
Lebanon, Connecticut. Do you have anymore information on that? I believe
Alpheus Rude was in the Revolutionary War.

I believe Alpheus Rude had at least two children: Alpheus and Levi. Dona or
anyone else, do you have any information on the names of Alpheus Rude's
("Alpheus, Sr.") children? Is Levi Rude, Alpheus Rude's ("Alpheus, Jr.")
brother? I believe Levi Rude was born after Alpheus Rude. Alpheus Rude
married Hannah Taylor, both of Ashfield, MA, on February 4, 1802. Dona you
put that Alpheus Rude and his son Alpheus Rude both died in 1832. Do you
have anymore information on that? Was there a natural disaster that

Whereas Alpheus and Hannah Rude moved to Virginia in 1819, Levi Rude likely
went to Chenango, New York in Broome County, NY. Levi Rude appears in the
census of Chenango in 1825. I believe Levi Rude was born in Ashfield or
Worthington, MA. Who did Levi Rude, likely to be Alpheus Rude's ("Alpheus,
Jr.") brother, marry? Where and when did Levi Rude die?

I believe Levi Rude had a son named Ariel Rude. Can anyone confirm that? I
am more confident on the following information. My great, great uncle,
Raymond Lounsbury, did a lot of research on that which follows. Ariel Rude
(likely to be Levi Rude's son and Alpheus Rude's nephew) married Sophia
Stoddard. Ariel and Sophia (Stoddard) Rude were pioneer settlers in
Franklin Township, DeKalb County, Indiana. I am confident that Ariel had at
least 2 siblings: Anne Rude who married William Shaw and Thomas Crandle Rude
who married Mary (Willis) Abbott on February 12, 1849. Does anyone know who
Thomas Crandle Rude's or Anne (Rude) Shaw's father was? I believe it was
Levi Rude, but I need some confirmation.

Ariel and Sophia (Stoddard) Rude had a son Lewis Wilson Rude who was born
May 24, 1841. During 1863, Lewis visited cousins who lived in Susquehanna,
Pennsylvania-just across the state line from Broome County, NY. Lewis had
met Mary Antoinette Baldwin on a previous visit and married her on January
2, 1864. After their marriage, Lewis and Mary Rude returned to DeKalb
County, Indiana. The Rude Family lived one mile north of Butler on what is
locally known as the Basket Factory Road-now DeKalb County Road 61A.

Lewis and Mary Rude had three children: 1) Ida Elnora Rude (my great, great
grandmother), born near Butler Indiana on March 21, 1865, and died at Tioga
Center, NY on February 2, 1944; Ida Elnora Rude married Lewis Harvey
Lounsbury on August 30, 1884; Lewis Harvey Lounsbury was born on November 7,
1860, and died July 3, 1932; 2) Emma Leona Rude-born in March or May 11,
1867; 3) Elbert Weelington Rude born on December 29, 1871. In 1881, after
the deaths of their parents, the Lewis Rude Family sold their DeKalb County
farm and moved to Broome County, NY.

Helen Graves: I have some information and questions on your e-mail on the
Indiana Rudes-found in the "Indiana Source Book", Volumes 1-3. You wrote
the following information:

IN, DeKalb Co.:
Rude, Polly m. Jacob Noragon (sp?) on 23 Oct 1853
Rude, Thos. L. m. Mary Abbott on 12 Feb 1849

I believe that Thos. L. Rude is actually Thomas Crandle Rude who married
Mary (Willis) Abbott on February 12, 1849. Thomas Crandle Rude's brother
was Ariel Rude, who was a pioneer settler in Franklin Township, DeKalb
County, Indiana. Do you know who Thomas Crandle Rude's father, and hence,
Ariel Rude's father was? Thomas Crandle Rude also had a sister, Anne who
married William Shaw.

Thomas Crandle Rude had at least 3 children: 1) George Rude who married
Cinderella Wirick; 2) Thomas Crandle Rude, Jr.; and 3) Polly Ann Rude who
married Jacob Noragon (spelling is OK) on October 23, 1851 (I do not have

If anyone has any answers to my above questions, I would appreciate it.

John Halstead


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