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Subject: Re: [RUS-SARATOV-FRANK] Transport of the Volga GermansfromOranienbaum to the Colonies
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Are there any lists of people from around Berlin who immigrated to the Volga area? I am interested in the names of Markgraf and Suppes. Are there other lists of transported people from this area if they are not included in the lists at your disposal?

Thank you,
Judy Markgraf
Judy By Judy

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I spotted one Hussenbach family when I was matching up the Frank people to
he First settler's list. Since Hussenbach and Frank were established on
he same day (May 16, 1767), it would make sense that we would find people
rom both villages together on the same list.
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I have found Hussenbach names interspersed in the same pages.

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ubject: [RUS-SARATOV-FRANK] Transport of the Volga Germans from Oranienbaum
o the Colonies
Frank list members:

There are three essential items that document the colonists' travel from
heir country of origin to the Volga colonies:
1. The Kulhberg lists - soon to be published as "Lists of Colonists
rriving in Russia in 1766 - Ivan Kulhberg's Reports" by Dr. Igor Pleve;
2. The Transport lists - translated by Brent Mai and published by AHSGR in
3. The First Settler's Lists - Published as "Einwanderung in das
olgagebiet, Volume 1" by Dr. Pleve in 1999.

The published Transport Lists include 9 transport lists totaling 7,501
ndividuals (out of approximately 30,000 people who attempted the journey to
he colonies). It was recently brought to my attention by a researcher in
ermany that quite a few people who went to Frank are listed in this book.
hat is pretty lucky for those of us with Frank ancestry, since this book
epresents only 25% of the total transport records.

Now that I have had a chance to analyze it, I have been able to match about
alf of the families listed on the First Settler's List to families listed
n the Transport Lists. The Frank families appear in List #4 (pp. A-57
hrough A-73) and List #9 (pp. A-129 through A-139). There is also one
amily on List #1 (p. A-7). When you are looking at this book, you need to
e really flexible about spellings. The spellings are sometimes quite
ifferent than the spellings we are accustomed to seeing. Think about how
our ancestor's name would sound if you said it out loud and look for that

If you are interested in having all of the published documentation that is
vailable about your ancestors, you should have the Transport List book in
our library.

Maggie Hein
Assistant VC, Frank

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