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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 20:25:42 -0600
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I'm going to try to email you a page of what I have on Henry Sinner Sr. I
hope it won't be too big and take forever to go through.
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Subject: [RUS-SARATOV-SCHILLING] Henry Sinner 2

> Hi Barb,
> Seems that Henry Sinner Jr. who married Mary Elizabeth
> Krum are my great grandparents, and yes they are
> buried here in Fresno, in a small cemetary outside of
> town. I am searching backwards for the rest of my
> family here ....went to the Mountain View Cemetary
> today and it seems they have a Henry Sinner buried
> there which is different from where my great
> grandparents are at, but they didn't have much
> information on him cause it dated back to 1933, and
> they said he was 44 when he died......still looking
> for the funeral home which is no longer in existence.
> Thanks,
> Marla (Sinner) Allen
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