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Subject: [SCHILLING] Kraus Chart Available
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 11:46:21 -0600

The family chart of a Kraus family in Russia, the family
which came from the Thuengen Barony (now northern Bavaria) to the Volga
in 1766, is now available for purchase.

Family members first settled in Stahl-am-Karaman and Doenhof
colonies in 1767.  During 1770-1780 three of the four emigrant brothers
moved from Stahl to join their sister in Doenhof.  From Doenhof family
members spread to Schilling, Neu-Doenhof, Neu-Bauer, Saratov, the Sir
Darjinskaya Province, and Unterdorf.  From Schilling many family members
went to Alexandertal.  The chart covers all of that.

This chart was commissioned by Dick Kraus in May of 2002 and
delivered by Igor and Ludmila Pleve in January of 2009.  It is a magnificent
chart done at the peak of their powers and is, according to them, the largest
family chart they have ever created.  The chart covers this extended
family in Russia and includes almost 1631 members of this Kraus family,
along with details on hundreds of spouses.  In
addition there are 58 Kraus entries who came to Stahl from Schwed and
plus 29 entries that also probably are not of Thuengen origin. Approximately
other family names are represented.  Some
of these are mentioned only once, but many appear multiple times.  One
appears in 22 different marriages.  The chart measures 2.5 feet by 25 feet. 

Spouses came from the following villages: Balzer, Bauer,
Beideck, Dietel, Doenhof, Ernestinendorf, Fischer, Frank, Franzosen,
Grimm, Huck, Hussenbach, Katharinenstadt, Kolb, Krasnojar, Kroppenhof,
Kutter, Liesanderdorf, Messer, Neu-Doenhof, Niedermonjou, Norka,
Orlowskoje, Reinwald, Rosental, Sarepta, Schaefer, Schilling, Schulz,
Schwed, Stahl-am-Karaman, Stumbragirien Place, Urbach, Walter,
Warenburg, and Wissenmüller.

The price is $100.00 which includes the cost of copying and mailing,
plus notes and annotations by Dick Kraus, as well as a small contribution
towards further Kraus research looking for the exact place from whence the
emigrants came.  Those who purchase a
chart will receive biennial reports regarding the progress of this search in
Germany.  Currently the parishes of the
old Thuengen Barony are being combed for the births and ancestors of the
members who first arrived in Russia - it is an expensive business largely
because none
of these parish records were filmed by the LDS.

If having a chart is not important to you, and all you want
is the information, all names and dates in the chart plus much more are on-

Please address inquires and orders to: .

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