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Subject: Conjecture-Irish George and Nellie Gamble
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Jim , sorry for the delay in getting back to you on the above question. I do
not doubt some of the George Rutledge and Nellie Gamble lineage is true but
it would help if we could document it from Irish records. It's just a matter
of getting the facts straight about their descendants. There was a John Gamel
(Gamble) and John Maxwell in Augueta Co. Va. in 1744 with the Rutledges,
Armstrongs and Hendersons.
To add to your Cavan Rutledge info: In 1610, King James alloted land to
Scottish, and English and native undertakers in Counties of Tyronne, Armagh,
Cavan, Londonderry, Fermanagh and Donegal. Grants of 1610, County of Cavan ,
Precinct of Tullaghah, 5900 ac.,1200 ac. to Edward Rutlidge and Bryan
McPhilip O'Reyly, Gents. "The Scotch Irish" Vols. 1&2. C. A. Hanna 1968.
It was enlightening to find Armstongs, Hendersons etc. with the Rutledges in
Ireland and Scotland and later in Pa. and Va. In the early 1700's the main
ports used by emigrants were Philadelphia and New York. The Penn family
distributed flyers in England, Ireland etc. advertising freedom, free fertile
land, religious freedom and that brought many to America. From Pa. the
emigrants migrated mainly south down the 'Great Wagon Road", for Pittsburg
and west of the Shenandoah valley was the frontier and beyond was Indian
territory. Don't mean to give a history lesson but it helps to explain
migratory routes c.1750.

I am enclosing some info on the early Rutledge families in Augusta Co. Va.
Perhaps it will help others to sort out some of the Rutledges. I have info
on later generations but i need to associate them with their progenitors.
Related Rutledge families remained in Augusta Co until abt.1800 at which time
only a few families were left. Other descendants remained in nearby Botetourt
and Montgomery counties. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions from others.


JOHN RUTLEDGE b.c.1700, d.1751 was in Augusta Co. Va. by Nov. 12, 1744 per
Tinkling Springs church records and in 1746 per land records with Thos.
Gilespy, John
Bell, Wm. Armstrong and Thos. Henderson. John Rutledge and Thos. Story were
Traders from Chester Co. Pa. On May 11, 1743 they gave bond to Wm. Blyth,
Pa. In John's will, Oct. 17,1751, he named his nephew, George. Heirs ans
legatees of
John shown on May 21,1756 were bros, William, Thomas, sisters,Jean Rutledge
Catherine m. toWm. Marshall. No children shown.

THOMAS RUTLEDGE b.c.1715, d.c.1790, wife, Jean Armstrong, was in Augusta Co.
by May 21, 1747 per land records. He was brother to and administrator of
Rutledges' will. In his will dated Oct. 10, 1785 he named children: Edward
b.c.1736, Ann
b.c. 1738, m. ? Henderson, Mary b.c. 1740, m. ? Young, Jean b.c. 1742,m. ?
John,chr.3/10/1744, George, chr.2/3/1745, Elizabeth, chr.Nov.1746, m.?
James, chr. 1/29/1749, Thomas b. c. 1750, Katherne b.c. 1752. His sons
Edward were willed the home plantation, James and John were left land in
Botetourt Co.
Va. Thos and Edward received 100 ac.on Fishing creek in SC. (Probably Camden
near Anson Co. NC. To all 4 sons , to son George and to daughters , 1
schilling. In the
1762 will of James Armstrong, admin., eldest son, William, he named as
legatees, Thos
Rutledge, Elizabeth Rutledge, George Rutledge, son of Thos. etc. He was
associated with
other Armstrongs, Hendersons Rutledges etc.

EDWARD RUTLEDGE b.c.1730, d. 2/20/1787, wife, Sarah Armstrong, dau. of Thos.
Armstrong. Edward had land in Augusta Co. by 9/4/1751 and was associated with
Kerr and Story families. He is believed to be from Cumberland Co. Pa. Thos.
will, 4/29/1776, names as legatees, Edward Rutledge and his dau. Sarah and
his dau. Jane
Rutledge. On 6/5/1784 Edward and Sarah Rutledge to son James, their tract
known as
Black Oak Springs. On 12/15/1786 they gave George a place called Flag
Augusta Co. Va. On 1/31/1787 Edward Rutledge made a will, proved 2/20/1787.
named his 5 children. Rebecca, b.9/15/1766, James b. 1/29/1768, George b.
Rosanna, Lucy m. John Allison Jr. He also mentions the children of Mary
Erwin wife of
Wm. Erwin, and Sarah McNeely wife of George McNeely.
(Relation not shown). Birth dates of children not verified.

WILLIAM RUTLEDGE b.c. 1720. Probably bro. to John who died 1751. He
237 ac. on a br. of Brocks creek, Augusta Co. Va., 8/20/1745. On 11/13/1753,
Rutledge of Granville Co. NC sold his land on Brocks Creek, Augusta Co.
Cook and his wife, Ann, who were from Pa. and patented land in Augusta Co. in
also moved to Granville NC about the same time as William Rutledge. A
Rutledge was shown as a taxpayer in Rowan Co. NC 1753-1772. It has not been
determined if the above William Rutledge later moved to Rowan/Surry Co. or if
this is
another William Rutledge. A younger William Rutledge is known to have
remained in
Augusta Co. after 1753.

William ,Thomas and Nicolas Routledge (probably brothers) settled in Craven,
later New
Hanover then Duplin Co. NC 1730-1745. All three served as county officials
at various
times and left wills. These Routledges could be from the Routledge family in
Bucks Co.
Pa. for the names, William, Thos.,George and John Routledge appeared in
County records
at various times. Their names appear as Rutledge in some Duplin Co. NC

I have not included William Rutledge b. c. 1724-28 wife, Elinor Caldwell,
allegedly son of
George and Nellie Rutledge for I have not been able to document any of the
early parts of this family file. I recently learned that the DAR is now
requiring better documentation for membership of some lines and have
blacklisted a number of family histories and books previously used, later
found to contain errors. It is difficult but interesting to try to separate
fact from fiction in our research.

JAMES RUTLEDGE b. bef. 1723, d. 1750, wife, Jean. In 1748 James Rutledge
a 500 grant in Frederick Co.Va. He also owned land in Augusta Co.
Va. In 1750,
James Rutledge vs. JohnStory estate (Thos. Story, Adm.) debton account dated
1740 re 7
large steers sold to John Story in the Carolinas. James Rutledge was
believed to be from
Lancaster, Pa. James and John Story were also probably Indian Traders and
traveled the
frontier. James Rutledge died insolvent. Children unknown.

GEORGE RUTLEDGE b.c. 1726, d. 1779, NC, wife, Jean d.c. 1808, NC. George
land in Augusta Co. Va. by 1747, where he was associated with James Armstrong
William Henderson families etc. Per Augusta Co. Va. deed 11/16/1752 he was
moving to
Carolina. By 1753 and later he had land in Anson/Rowan Co. NC in the area of
Kukendall, Turkey and Dutchmans' creeks. James Armstrong from Pa.and later
Co. Va. was also in Anson/Rowan Co. in 1753. Both George and Jean left wills
named children: George, James, John, Charles, Jean m. Thos. Thomas, Susanna
? Wilson,
Mary ? Thompson, Good information is extant on this family and most of their
descendants at NC State Archives.

Some DOB's shown are estimates based on circumstantial evidence such as laws
men to be 21 or older to own land, witness deeds , wills, etc., average age
of men when
they married, marriages and inheritances by minors requiring appointment of
guardians, tax
records etc. Please advise of any errors noted or documented corrections

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