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From: "John Dill" <>
Subject: [RUTLEDGE-L] Re: Littleberry Rutledge - request for help
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 18:18:25 -0600

>Subject: Re: [RUTLEDGE-L] "Littleberry" name - Rutledge line?
>>The following is a message I posted on the Rutledge list last year.
>>Subj: Re: Berry Rutledge, b.c. 1785 or 1788 in GA or SC
>>Date: 03/08/97
>>It appears this Berry Rutledge is the son of Joseph Rutledge d.c.1816 and
>>Paschal Rutledge d.c.1819, Abbeville District SC. On 2/16/1816 final
>>settlement of Joseph Rutledge's estate, Paschal Rutledge, adm. $6148.65
>>disbursed to 11 children>My antecedents were another Joseph Rutledge
>b.c.1770 SC and Mary Rutledge b.c.
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>Tee, everyone... Made a MISTAKE here which I wish to correct in my earlier

>To some degree all of these scattered RUTLEDGE families are fitting
>together, but firm documentation is still lacking. In a later post I'll
>make another appeal for help locating the "3500 word history of the
>Family" which was written by James Brannon Rutledge (brother of Lincoln's
>Ann Rutledge) which might help sort this mess out.

***** The brother of Ann Rutledge above should have been given as ROBERT
Brannon Rutledge. Sorry to have not done a better proofreading job.*****
The document in question was a Rutledge family history of this family writen
in 1866 by Robert Brannon Rutledge. It was a basis for much or all of the
RUTLEDGE information in early Lincoln biographies and a copy of it was used
by Thomas Reep as background information for the fictional Soul of Ann
Rutledge. If a copy of it is still in existance it might be in the personal
papers of Thomas Reep or those of William Herndon who apparently owned the
to the family stories that (apparently) half of the RUTLEDGE descendants out
there have (relationship in some way to Ann Rutledge of Lincoln fame), I
have a BRANNON connection in my line which is perhaps of importance. Does
anyone have a BRANNON (BRANHOM etc...) connection with their RUTLEDGE line??

The middle names passed down for the children of James Rutledge (Ann's
father) are all apparently associated SURNAMES. James's Children are given

Jean OFFICER Rutledge born 23 Nov 1808
John MILLER Rutledge born 29 Nov 1810
Ann MAYES Rutledge born 7 Jan 1813
David HAMILTON Rutledge born 22 Aug 1815
Robert BRANNON Rutledge born 23 Feb 1819
Nancy CAMERON Rutledge born 10 Feb 1821
Margaret ARMSTRONG Rutledge born 21 June 1823
William BLACKBURN Rutledge born 29 Nov 1826
Amy ANDERSON Rutledge born 5 June 1827
Sarah F. Rutledge born 20 Oct 1829

The connections of several of them are obvious to me. OFFICER is said to be
the wife of James Rutledge's father, John. He apparently had married the
daughter of Thomas Officer who died in Cumberland Co., PA. In the inventory
of Thomas Officer's will is a Power of Attorney "Jean Rutledge received by
power given to or sent by James Officer from Tenn. State Jackson County -
int. from 1 April 1806" Jean's brother, James also lived in Jackson County,
TN at the time as proved by land records and another Power of Attorney
document in this will.

MILLER - James Rutledge's wife was Mary Ann Miller

CAMERON - All sorts of connections including Thomas CAMERON was married to
Nancy Miller sister of the above Mary Ann Miller. John M. Cameron, his son,
was a family friend (and relative?) who traveled with James Rutledge's
family. He was born ca 1790 in GA and traveled with James Rutledge's family
to Tennessee and then Henderson County Kentucky, White County Illinois,
Sangamon County Illinois. William Rutledge another son of John James
Rutledge was married to Susanna Cameron. His son, James McGrady Rutledge,
stated that William's family moved to White County, Illinois in about 1816
but back to Tennessee in ca 1818 where they lived for several years before
returning to White County, Illinois and then on to Sangamon County, IL.

(the above information came mostly from early Lincoln histories, perhaps
originally from Robert Brannon Rutledge)

Does anyone know where BRANNON connected to that line??? BLACKBURN, MAYES

>>John Dill
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