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Staunton Virginia

Revolutionary War
The following people are included in a listing of claims made to the court
in 1782-1785 from those who furnished supplies to the army.

Edward Rutledge for driving cattle.
Thomas Rutledge for 168 (?) pounds of beef.
Mary Walker for butter.

Robert Allen sr., 8,500 pounds of hay - for stall feeding cattle for
Colonel Whites dragoons.

Carol's question: No Walkers??? On side of British???
Revolutionary Soldier John Allison b. @1755-1760 in Augusta County, married
Lucy Rutledge before 1785. He died after 1796 and before 1804.
Children: John Jr. m. Frame
James m. Churchman
Martha m Carson
William m. Jane Calbreath
Rosanna m. Carson
Lucie m. Parsons
Includes also: Robert McC. (McCalister?)

Land of James Rutledge lies adjacent to Stuart Plantation.

Prince Edward County

1838 Mary Walker to Sarah Walker et al
Samuel Allen to Sarah Walker et al
1782 Robert Johnston to Wm. F. Walker
1789 Francis Rice to Wm. F. Walker
1802 Woodson Allen to Wm. F. Walker
1815 Samuel Allen to Wm. F. Walker
Also Rich Randolph, Alex Ritchie

1838 Mary Walker et al to Wm. T. Walker
1857 Judith Walker to Wm. T. Walker, Jr.
location Int Ests Wm T & Mary Walker
1767 John and Elizabeth Chiles to David Walker of Bedford, 792 acres
1809 Rich Dejarnett to Stephen Rowlett
1765 Geo Davison to Joseph Rutledge
1773 Mumford Dejarnett to Joseph Rutledge
1763 Henry and Mary Haynes et al to Robert Rutledge 218 acres
1764 Jarratt Devereux and Elizabeth to Robert Rutledge 200 acres
1765 Marvell Stone to Robert Rutledge 354 acres
1765 Robert Williamson and Frances to Robert Rutledge 500+ acres

>From Bradshaw's history of Prince Edward Co

1790 lst listing of U.S. Citizens separated white males (over and under 16)
white females, all other free persons, and slaves.
Virginia had the largest enumeration of all the territories with 747,610 souls
Virginia had more blacks than any other state. Black people 292,627.
White people 454,983. Total: 747,610.

>From Bradshaw's History of Hampden Sydney College
William Rutledge had obtained a patent in 1745 for land in North Carolina.
In 1753 he transferred 237 acres of said land to Cornelius Riddle/Ruddle.
IS THIS WILLIAM A BROTHER TO CATHERINE? papers include the name Marshall.
Catherine Rutledge in October 10, 1789 married Stephen Riddle/Ruddle.

Donavon and I found Hampden Sydney to be a beautiful campus. Interestingly,
it took us awhile before we realized that the students were all male! We got
some real good help from the library re genealogy of the early folks. At noon
we ate in a pub-like eatery across from the main entrance where a sign on the
wall read: "Hampden Sydney, where the men are treated like men and the women
are treated like guests." Hmmmmmmm. This college figured greatly in the
lives of Scotish Presbyterians of early Virigina. It began as a place to
train ministers for the pulpit. A large section of land on which the
college was situated once belonged to Robert Rutledge.... Bradshaw History
p. 96 states that 1,272 acres in Prince Edward (near Farmville) were once
owned by Robert Rutledge, a scottish merchant for whom a bridge and ford on
appomattox was named. He was murdered at Mosby's tavern in 1766 by Col John

>From "Old Free State History of Lunnenburg Co & Southside Virginia" by
Landon C. Bell, 1927:

Mary Lester married Paschal Rutledge of Lunnenburg VA and emigrated
to Marion, Alabama with several children. Lister or Lester is a corruption of
the name Leicester.

Blanks Rutledge married Polly Clay October 17, 1805

Joh Filbert married Polly A. Rutledge December 21, 1808

James Rutledge married Frances Stone June 18, 1845

Little Berry Rutledge married Nancy Farmer December 30, 1812
Surety: Matthew Filbert 18-26-1812

Jesse Moon married Permelia Farmer November 25, 1814
Surety: Littleberry Rutledge

Peter Rutledge married Mary Brown 12-26-1827

Chapman Blackwell married 1) Polly Hatchett
2) Prudence Jeffreys and moved to Kentucky. A footnote indicates
a descrepancy between Bible and marriage returns. The
Rev. Wm Ellis says he married C. Blackwell & Prudence R. RUTLEDGE
on Jan 25, 1809. (Jeffreys and Rutledge may be the same person)

Francis Smithson married Mary Lester
surety Robert Rutledge 11-10-1803

Robert Rutledge married Nancy Smithson January 4, 1800

Rich Crafton married Sally A. Rutledge
Surety Joseph M. Rowlett, 10 -14-1844

Wm. Rutledge married Elcey Been
surety Thomas Rutledge 9 -3-1911

John Haines married Martha Walker of Lunnenburg Dec 8, 1791

Julius Johnson married Polly Walker Dec 2, 1790

Robert Nance married Sarah Walker Feb 16-1799

Thomas Walker married Susanna Johnson Dec 2, 1783

William Allen b. 1756 in Lunnenburg Co VA died 1839
He was Scotch and in the Revolutionary Army, 6th Virginia Regiment
Regular Continental Line

Turner Allen was maried to Sallie Allen; they had sons John, James,
Sterling, William; also daughters Lucy, Sallie, Nancy Williams, Elizabeth
and Patsey (Martha).

Sarah Ann Walker was the daughter of David and Elizabeth Hicks.

Metcalf DeGraffenreid from Lunnenburg married Mary Ann Fontaine
Names their son Matthew Fontaine DeGaffenreid. Metcalf DeGaffenreidd
had a daughter who married Benjamin Allen.

List of tithes, land and wheel carriages.

William Rutledge 2 tithes

Thomas Rutledge 1 tithe, 200 land

Richard Walker 3 tithes, 9 white, 3 black
Thomas Walker 5 tithes, 8 white, 9 black
James Walker 1 tithe

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