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From: "Jack Heine" <>
Subject: [RUTLEDGE-L] Family Group Sheets
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 12:50:18 -0700

Family Sheet #6
Thomas Rutledge born 1710 Tyrone Co., Ire., died 1791 Augusta Va. married Jean Armstrong in Augusta Co. Va. 1735
Edward Rutledge born 1730 Tyrone Co. Ire., died 2/18/1787 Augusta Va., married Sarah Armstrong born 1730, died 1/31/1787 Augusta Va. on 3/1750.
Ann Rutledge born 1738 Augusta Va., married ? Henderson.
Mary Rutledge born 1740 Augusta Va., died 1808, married Robert Young born 1741 died 1792 Washington Co., Tn.
Jean Rutledge born 1742 Augusta Va., married ? Brooks.
John Rutledge born 1744 Augusta Va., married Martha Allison.
George Rutledge born 1745 Augusta Va., died 4/29/1821 Montgomery Co., Va., married Elizabeth Brown in 1776.
Elizabeth Rutledge born 1746 Augusta Va., married John Burton, Elizabeth's 2nd marrage William Armstrong.
James Rutledge born 1748 Augusta Va., married Jane Finley 3/27/1786, James 2nd marriage Rebecca ?.
Thomas Rutledge born 1750 Augusta Va.
Katherine Rutledge born 1752 Augusta Va., married ? Marshall, Katherine's 2nd marriage Stephen Riddle born 3/19/1765 married 10/10/1789.
Family sheet #7
George Rutledge born 1690 Tyrone, Ire. married Nelly Gamble both died in Augusta Co., Va. Nelly's father William Gamble.
Thomas Rutledge born 1710 Tyrone Co., Ire. died 1791 Augusta Co., Va.,married Jean Armstrong in 1735.
Cahterine Rutledge born in Tyrone Co, Ire., married William Armstrong.
Jane Rutledge born in Tyrone Co., Ire. married Thomas Maxwell.
William Rutledge born 1728 Tyrone Co., Ire. died 12/28/1789 Sullivan Co., Tn., married Elenor Caldwell born 1732 Cavan Co. Ire., in 1751.
John James Rutledge born 1729 Tyrone Co., Ire. died 1820 White Co. Tn., married Mary Jane Officer born 1739 Ire., died 10/6/1834 White Co., Tn. in 1767.
Family sheet #8
Edward Thomas Rutledge born Scotland died 1725 Tyrone Co., Ire., married Elizabeth Graem.
George Rutledge born 1690 Tyrone Co., Ire. married Nellie Gamble.
Bryan Rutledge born 1692 Tyrone Co., Ire.
Thomas Graem Rutledge born 1695 Tyrone Co., Ire.
Katherine Rutledge born 1697 Tyrone Co., Ire.
Andrew Rutledge born 1706 Tyrone Co., Ire. died 11/19/1755 Christchurch, S.C., married Sarah Boone died 11/1743 Christchurch S.C.
Edward Rutledge born 1711 Tyrone Co., Ire.
Dr. John Rutledge born 1713 Tyrone Co., Ire. died 12/25/1750 Christchurch S.C., married Sarah Hext born 9/18/1724 Christchurch S.C., died 4/22/1792 Christchurch S.C. married 11/25/1750.
Family sheet #9
John Rutledge born 2/27/1648 Melrose Scotland
Edward Thomas Rutledge born Scotland died 1725 Tyrone Co., Ire., married Elizabeth Graem in 1690.
James Rutledge born Scotland died 1750 Augusta Co., Va., married Ann Armstrong on 8/25/1698.
William Rutledge born Scotland married Jean Armstrong on 7/20/1702.
Note; all three marriages Enniskillen Parrish, Ireland.
Family sheet #10
George Rutledge born Scotland died 1671 died Scotland.
John Rutledge born 2/27/1648 Melrose Scotland died 1717 Ire., married Anne ?.
Andrew Rutledge born Scotland died Ire., married Elizabeth Brown.
Family sheet#11
Cavan Rutledge born Scotland died Scotland married Catherine ?.
George Rutledge born Scotland died 1671 Scotland.

That is all the sheets I have hope they have helped someone.
Regards; Jack

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