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From: Ali Ingle <>
Subject: Re: [RUTLEDGE] Curse
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 00:55:59 -0800 (PST)

--- wrote:
> P.S Do you find it really easy to write backwards
> or upside-down? Can you
> write with both hands if you have to? The only
> things I can do right-handed
> are frisbee and ping-pong--I switch hands depending
> on where the danged thing
> is coming to me--and play equally badly with both
> hands!
This is so wierd, everyone on the TN-memories-L is
talking about left-handedness too. I signed on a
couple of days ago and they were talking about it and
then I found the letters here doing the same.
I do real good holding things down with my right hand
so the left can work on them. That's about all my
right hand is good for.
I did teach my right hand how to crochet, I wanted to
do some mirror-image stuff and my mom wasn't around to
help out. I try to write with my right hand but it
comes out looking like hen scratchings.
I can read and write backwards very easily, and upside
down is fairly easy. I have trouble with sideways. I
cannot figure it out if it is turned sideways. I
bought myself a pair of left-hand scissors and once in
a while, I make someone in my family use them so they
can see what I went through most of my life. Just to
be ornery. I guess that's a Rutledge trait.

Incidentally, I don't know who it was on this list
that said they weren't as much Rutledge as some of the
others, or words to that effect.
We are the sum total of ALL of our ancestors. I have
just as much Rutledge blood as everyone else on the
list, I just don't carry the name. Think about your
parents, you carry your father's name but you are only
half of him, the other half is your mother. And so on,
Ad infinitum.


Live well, laugh often, love much !!


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