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From: Dauven <>
Subject: Re: Changed files
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 18:11:45 -0700

singhals wrote:
> I went to the page later, and found the NEW e-mail address (Should; I've
> checked three times already, using find/replace). Couldn't have been
> reading either my HD or my disc cache, because I clear my cache at the
> beginning of each session, and the file isn't _on_ this HD, but I clicked
> RELOAD anyway. Something is fishy in Samoa. (Start at:
> and look around and see if you see

How many old email addresses do you have Cheryl? :)
I checked about half a dozen pages off of the main, index page and on
the email link on the page "Documentation" and "Explanation of style", I
did find an address other than the that you used on the
remainder of the pages and on your email to the list. That address is
. I did NOT check all the pages.
If you still have contact with the person who originally tried to email
to you and found the incorrect link, ask them if they had ever visited
your page before. If they have, ask when that might have been and also
ask if they saw any indication that their own browser might have used an
older cache version from their own drive.

> Then, I needed to get to another place whose URL I didn't remember, but knew
> it was on another of my pages; I went there and found the link, but when I
> clicked I got a NOT ON THIS SERVER. I checked the html, and the <a
> href></a> had MY copy of this file is
> correct. Something is VERY fishy in Samoa.
> <>;
Ok. The source code is showing the correct address for the library but
the link is wrong on the page.
Are you by any chance using Netscape as your editor? If so, if you
changed the source code itself in Notepad (the program that it calls to
write code) and saved it, the changes may not be "connected" to the
actual page unless you do a "save" of the entire page when it is open in
the editor. It seems to be an ideocrancy of Netscape. :)
Just open the page in the editor, open the code, save it, load the
changes if it asks you do so, and then save the entire. Now upload it a
second time. It should work.
I think...maybe it might. :)
Second method is while the page is open in the editor, pull down the
menu for properties and retype the correct link in the box, and hit "OK"
but not apply. Now save the entire page and upload.

Renee L. Dauven

> Does anyone have any ideas? I had a similar problem back in July -- the
> April queries file kept reappearing, no matter how often I replaced it.
> Cheryl, WVHamps

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