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From: Fred Sackett <>
Subject: [SACKETT-L] Sacketts & Kelloggs
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 12:35:40 -0700

Benoni Sacket m. 3, May 1732: Mindwell Smith, b.25 May, 1708;

Pliny Sackett m. Elizabeth Kellogg b.15 Aug 1752: dau of David Kellogg;

Children are:
Elizabeth Sacket m. Oliver Johnson; res. New York State.
Polly Sacket m. Hezekiah Wheeler.
Jerusha Sacket m. Isaac Fowler of Westfield, Mass.
Electa Sacket m. Reuben Ensign.
Royal Sacket m. Eunice Hastings, of Suffield.
Pliny Sacket m. Nancy Bartlett.
Lucretia Sacket m. James French, of Southwich, Mass.
Oliver Sacket d. young.
Cynthia Sacket d. young

Jason Kellogg b. 11 Feb 1754; m. (1)Miriam Dewey; (2) Martha (Benedict)
Sackett; (3) Lucretia (Dart) Rockwell;

Asher Sacket m. Sarah Kellogg b. 15 Aug 1751;

Abner Sacket m. Rhoda Kellogg b. 23 Nov 1753;

Gad, son of Samuel Kellogg m. in Westfield 14 Jun 1757, Lucy Sacket b.
15, Nov 1736 dau of John Sacket, b. in Westfield, 3 Mar 1688, and Sarah
McCraney. * additional lengthy info on him.

Solomon Sackett d.6 july 1849 age 76 had no children; m. 12 Jan 1793
Elizabeth Kellogg b. 9 Dec 1772.

Sarah (Sally) Kellogg m. George A. Sackett, who is said to have owned
the site of the City of Sacket harbor, N.Y.
Lillian Sackett age about 4
Charles Kellogg Sackett, res. in Chicago

Enoch Sackett m. Pamelia Lambson;

Lucina Bush Sackett b. in Turin 27, Apr. 1835, Dau of Gad Sheldon
Sackett, b. in Springfield, Mass. 15 Aug 1807 and Elmira Miller, b. in
West Turin 1 Feb 1807. m. in Turin N.Y. 7 Oct. 1856 Rev. Austin Luke
Kellogg b. 2 feb 1831, in Leon N.Y.; son of Gaylord Kellogg; *additional
info available .
Sheldon Gaylord Leon 13 Dec, 1857, m. Annie Grant Sheppard;

Martha Adeline Kellogg, dau of Capt. Samuel Kellogg b. in Williamstown
Mass. 6 Apr 1800, m. 25 May 1829, George Washington Francis, b. in
Pittsfield, 20 Sept 1799, son of Luke Francis and Mehitable Sackett;

Dwight Kellogg son of Alva Kellogg, b. in Southwich Mass. 9 Apr 1840, m.
7 Nov 1867 Julia Josephine Whipple, b. in Westfield, Mass. 26 May 1838,
dau of Capt George Whipple, b. in Westfield 10 Sept 1803, and
Henrietta Sackett, b. in Chester Mass. 26 apr 1806;

Flora Eliza Kellogg b. 13 Feb. 1855 m. in Northville 31, Dec 1872,
Milton William Sackett b. in Redford, Mich. 12 Feb 1850, son of Daniel
Sackett b. 1820 and Emeline Prindle of Plymouth Mich. b. 1825; he.
Missoula, Mont, 26 Dec 1899; was a Democrat; had no children.;

Edward Allen Kellogg son of Richard Kellogg b. in Feeding Hills Mass. 22
Sept 1851, m. in Southwich Mass. 29 Oct. 1871 Alice Martha Rising b. 26
Sept 1853, dau of Alvin Rising b. 29 July 1809 and Lucinda Emily Sackett
b. 19, aug 1817;
Alvin Richard Kellogg * m Ocie Augusta Kenyon
Frank Whipple Kellogg *

Thomas Cornelius Kellogg son of Henry b. in Vernon Conn. 23 oct 1828 m.
(1) 11 Oct 1854 Jane Singletary, b. 26 Feb, 1837 dau of Anson
Singletary, b. 21 jun 1801, and Sophia Blackman, of Streetsboro O. b. 2
Apr 1805. She d.; he m. (2) in Akron O, 1 May 1862 Maria Sackett b. in
Warren Conn. 11 Jan 1832 dau of Aaron Sackett b. in Warren 1791 and
Huldah Camilla Tanner, b. 10 Aug 1793 d in Freedon, O. 24 Mar 1881 *
Children in Streetsboro.
Lillie Victoria, b. 3 Nov 1855 M. Henry Wells Gillett.
Stella May, b. 14 Jul 1858, d. there 28 May 1863

Sarah Kellogg dau of Elijah b. in Canaan Conn. 19 sept 1767, m. as his
third wife, 22 Feb 1795, Cornelius Williams, b. 9 july 1750 , son of
Samuel Williams and Mary Webster of Hartford, Conn. and Starksboro Vt.
He had previously m. Anna, Dau of Daniel Kelsey, of Alford Mass. and
Mrs. Thankful (Sacket) Nash, widow of Jonathan Nash. He d. 25 July 1821
and she d. 26 Aug 1856.
Anne Williams *
Thankful Williams *
Sarah William *
Elijah Kellogg Williams *
Cornelius Williams *
Amanda P. Williams *

Miles Lewis Kellogg, son of John b. in Cornwell Conn. 29, Aug 1801 m. 24
Nov 1830 Lavinia Maria Hill b. in Tompkins Co. N.Y. 18 Jun 1804, dau of
Uri Hill of Danby, N.Y. and Eliza Sackett of Stephentown N.Y.. She d. in
Whitewter Wis. 2 Feb 1847, he d. near Kellerton Dak 21 Mar 1886.*
Edgar Sackett *
Frederick *
Wilbur Fiske *
Harriett Eliza *
John Dempster *
Alfred *
Douglas Wright *
Lavinia Maria *
Josiah *
Ava Esther *

* additional information available on request.

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