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From: "Cindy Cairns" <>
Subject: Re: [SACKETT] SACKETT Digest, Vol 4, Issue 106
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 17:47:48 -0400
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For what it is worth, I have limited information on the Augustus Sacket who
founded Sackets Harbor, NY located not too far north of Altmar, NY. I will
try to scan and send the map and information I picked up when I visited
there in 2007. The following is from the brochure Sackets Harbor: Harbor of
Destiny printed by the Sackets Harbor Visitor Center.

"Augustus Sacket, a New York City lawyer and entrepreneur. Sacket purchased
a large tract of land in the northern reaches of New York state's wilderness
in 1801, and began immediately to encourage settlement and commerce. He
chose prime waterfont land as the location for his own home-the Sackets
Harbor Visitors Center."

Regarding the posting by Wendy about Nova Scotia, my Eaton line was from
Nova Scotia and in our info UC and LC stood for Upper Canard and Lower
Canard, respectively -- sections in Nova Scotia. My Eatons were from
Wolfville, NS.


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