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From: "walter sadler" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 23:59:14 -0700

I really do no have a lot to go on but a few details that my grandfather has shared
> with me. My grandfather ERNEST NUEL SADLER was born in 1910 in Austin
> Texas His fathers name was Lorenzo (dowel)? Sadler his mothers name
> was MATY CATHERINE AUSTIN Maiden name AUSTIN. Lorenzo I believe worked
> in the coal mines and was of Irish decent. My great grandmother Maty
> Catherine was Born in Walla Walla Washington in 1886 and her mother was
> born in Jerusalem and all I know is her last name was (RUPEL) My
> Grandfather Ernest left Texas at the age of 6 and migrated to San
> Francisco. He is now 90 and still going strong. Ernest had 4 siblings
> Bernice born 1906 alive and well, Gladys Marie 1908 alive and well,
> and a brother who apparently passed away from scarlet fever as a child
> who was named Frank I believe. My Great Grandfather (Lorenzo) was 30
> years older than My Great Grandmother and had A child from a previous
> women whom I was told died, and they named their child LORENZINA or
> Ren she went by the name Lucille. Lucille married a man from Los
> Angeles with the last name BURKE. Growing up I was told she was my
> Great Grandmothers Adopted child which I recently found out was
> untrue. she was my grandfathers half sister. Why the secrecy I am not
> sure, but would like to know. My Great Grandfather passed away in the
> Los Angeles area before I was born and considering there are not to
> many Lorenzo Sadler's out there I hope this will help. I have found that A man with the same name passed away in Los Angeles in 1950 something. I am wondering if possibly this may be a son from my Great Grandfather Lorenzo that was either not known of untold. My Aunt "Ren" Lorenzina lived and visited in the La area for some time and knew the Talbot's and married into the Burke family around 1930's or 1940's. I found on family archives, thanks to the many of people online that have helped, that My GG Grandfather LORENZO D. SADDLER at least I believe it was him. Was aboard and """Lost from the schooner Caroline Smith of Rockland, 21st ult., during a severe gale, Mr. Lorenzo D. SADDLER, age 19 years, 6 months."""
. I remember my grandfather saying that he had
> an Uncle Bill Sadler Who must have been related to my Great Grandfather
> Lorenzo. I do believe that Lorenzo was born in Philadelphia and that
> his Father my GG grandfather was indeed lost at sea as stated above. He must of had children and a wife waiting for him which would explain the fluctuation in the spelling of the name Sadler Saddler. I was told that he ported in
> Florida and therefore the port was named Sadler's Port. I also believe
> that my GG grandmother from Jerusalem (Rupel) Left because of what was
> going on there at that time and she ended up leaving at the age of 14
> by boat. After arriving in the states she worked aboard the ship that my Great Grand father was on I believe they married. I hope some of this might help...
> Thank you so much for any help that you may be able to offer.

With Sincere Thanks Walter Lorenzo Sadler II

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