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From: Jim Nagle <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 06:42:51 -0700

I have Jonathan Morse m. Mary Stow. They had daughter Abigail Morse
b.5/12/1712 in Marlboro, MA m. to John Hapgood. That is all I have on the
Morse line.

At 08:02 PM 8/10/99 EDT, Dora Smith wrote:
>It seems that William Morse and his wife, I think Elizabeth, possibly Mary
>(I won't be zeroxing again until Thursday, either) were involved in an
>earlier witchcraft case. I didn't learn any of this from any Morse or
>McKinstry (a Morse line) source or resource. The entire Morse clan must be
>the most excessively proper and silent family group I have yet dealt with,
>and they don't share genealogical information much at all, even on the Morse
>list. My brother in law belongs to them. The emigrant Morse, William,
>thought his house was the scene of incidents of witchcraft. A sea captain
>who lived nearby exposed these as the work of a youngster who lived in the
>house. This much is in the Morse genealogies, as a sort of quixotic tale.
>The fact that William Morse was so enraged by this diagnosis of the problem
>that he filed very serious charges against the sea captain is not in Morse
>family histories, and neither is the fact that his wife was charged with
>witchcraft and William at the least wondered if the charge was true. I don't
>even have the outcome of the charge, only the books and page numbers! But
>clearly Morse family life was not calm, and Morse life could get lively.
>I wonder if any Morse descendants are on this list. I vant to know more
>about these Morse's!
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