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Subject: 1600s/1700s Virginia/(Col.) Augustine MOORE and associated families
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 21:30:47 EDT


Esecially searching for information on descendants of:

(Colonel) Augustine MOORE and Lucy SMITH

In 1600s and 1700s Virginia and specifically in the year 1715 in Virginia:

Robert TALIAFERRO married to Sarah GRYMES, daughter of (Reverend) Charles
GRYMES, of "Brandon," then of Gloucester and later Middlesex County,
Virginia. Robert TALIAFERRO and (Major) Lawrence SMITH, (friends and business
associates,) were the fathers of John TALIAFERRO and Sarah SMITH who married.

MOORE HOUSE which, at one time, belonged to (Major) Lawrence SMITH, and at
this time was owned and occupied by his great granddaughter, Lucy SMITH, who
married (Colonel) Augustine MOORE.

I am interested in whether anyone on these lists happens to know the names of
all of the children of Lucy SMITH and (Colonel) Augustine MOORE, who occupied
after MOORE HOUSE the previous home of (Major) Lawrence SMITH. There is also
a relationship with this family group and that of (Captain) John CATLETT and
Elizabeth UNDERWOOD and their daughter, Sarah CATLETT, who married a younger
Robert TALIAFERRO and after the death of the younger Robert TALIAFERRO his
wife, Mrs. Sarah CATLETT TALIAFERRO married her 2nd husband, Samuel(l)
SALLIS, and then after the death of Samuel(l) SALLIS, Mrs. Sarah CATLETT
TALIAFERRO SALLIS married 3rd husband, Samuel(l) SHORT.

Mrs. Sarah CATLETT TALIAFERRO SALLIS and Samuel(l) SALLIS were the parents of
Sarah SALLIS who married Alexander "Alex" DONIPHAN, Jr., (son of (Captain)
Alexander DONIPHAN, Sr., born: abt. 1640 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England,
and his 1st wife, Amie PARTRIDGE, and after the death of Amie PARTRIDGE,
(Captain) Alexander DONIPHAN, Sr. married his 2nd wife, Margaret MOTT(E,) and
after the death of Margaret MOTT(E,) (Captain) Alexander DONIPHAN, Sr.
married his 3rd wife, Susannah ?

Amie PARTRIDGE was the sister of Samuel PARTRIDGE, Sarah PARTRIDGE, Mary
PARTRIDGE and Elizabeth PARTRIDGE. And the siblings married into the
COLCLOUGH and WILLSON/WILSON families among others. It is thought quite
possible that this set of siblings who were all immigrants are the children
or somehow related to the immigrant George PARTRIDGE who immigrated in the
early to mid-1600s from England to New England while these PARTRIDGEs are
found in Virginia after living or at least in court records in London,

The aforementioned Alexander "Alex" DONIPHAN, Jr. was the brother of Amy
DONIPHAN, born: abt. 1662 in Virginia, who married 1st husband, (Captain)
John KELLY, born: abt. 1660 in Virginia, (son of Penelope ? and Matthew (1)
KELLY.) After the death of (Captain) John KELLY, Mrs. Amy DONIPHAN KELLY
married her 2nd husband, Edward RANSDELL.

Amy DONIPHAN and (Captain) John KELLY were the parents of several children
including Matthew (2) KELLY, Alexander Doniphan KELLY, and Ann KELLY, born:
abt. 1696 in Virginia, probably Richmond County, Virginia, died: 1735 in
Richmond County, Virginia, who married William JENNINGS, Sr., born: abt.
1695 in Virginia, died: 1733/34 in Richmond County, Virginia, who was the
brother of Augustine JENNINGS, born: abt. 1702 in Richmond County, Virginia
who was left as a guardian of two of the children who were orphans of Ann
KELLY and husband, William JENNINGS, Jr., after their death in the early to

William JENNINGS, Jr. was the son of William JENNINGS, Sr., born: abt. 1668
in Rappahannock County, Virginia, and his wife, Mary WILLOUGHBY, born: abt.
1670 in ?, (still trying to find the names of her parents. It is believed
that she descends from (Sir) Ambrose WILLOUGHBY whose descendant (Sir) Thomas
WILLOUGHBY was the father of Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY who married Isaac ALLERTON,
Jr., (son of Isaac ALLERTON, Sr. and Fear BREWSTER, (daughter of William
BREWSTER, all of England to New England in the early 1600s with Isaac
ALLERTON, Jr. then migrating to Westmoreland County, Virginia where John
PAYNE, immigrant, born: abt. 1615 in Yorkshire, England, lived and was
buried after his death in Maryland during the Maryland Protestant Revolution
when he was murdered and then buried at "Red House"/"Cedar Hill,"
Westmoreland County, Virginia. John PAYNE was the grandfather of the
aforementioned William JENNINGS, Sr., son of John JENNINGS, Jr., born: May
22, 1640 in St. Martin's Parish, Birmingham, Worcester County, Virginia, and
his wife, Margaret PAYNE, (daughter of John PAYNE and his wife,
Margaret/Margrett whom is believed to have been the Margaret ROBINSON who was
the daughter of Richard ROBINSON who immigrated in the early 1600s from
England into the Tidewater area of Virginia which was later Norfolk area and
this Richard ROBINSON is either the uncle or great uncle of immigrant,
Christopher ROBINSON. In addition some of the family of (Colonel) Augustine
MOORE married into the ROBINSON family.

The aforementioned Augustine JENNINGS became the guardian of his brother
William's children, Calathan JENNINGS and Edward Salley JENNINGS, Sr., born:
1720 in Richmond County, Virginia, (my paternal 5th great grandfather,) who
married a woman named Sarah MOORE whom we believe was born in about 1720 and
probably in Virginia and maybe in the Richmond County area. We have no idea
about the names of the parents nor the siblings of Sarah MOORE but after just
recently finding out about the very close proximity of the family group of
(Colonel) Augustine MOORE and his family's marrying into my JENNINGS - KELLY
- DONIPHAN - PARTRIDGE family group of the aforementioned Edward Salley
JENNINGS who married Sarah MOORE I am very inclined now to believe that it is
from within this family group of MOOREs that my Sarah MOORE also descends.

Alexander Doniphan KELLY and brother, Matthew (2) KELLY, brothers of Mrs. Ann
KELLY JENNINGS, also became guardians of Ann and William, Jr.'s other
children, Martha JENNINGS, and William JENNINGS, III and John JENNINGS.

In addition, I have also found connected to (Colonel) Augustine MOORE the
name of Francis JORDANE/JORDUN and it might bring other connections as there
is a William JORDAN who was mentioned in the will of Mrs. Ann KELLY JENNINGS.
And, in addition, Edward Salley JENNINGS, Sr. and Sarah MOORE's son, John
JENNINGS, Sr., (RS,) born: abt. 1748 in Richmond County, Virginia, married a
woman named Rachel JORDAN, born: abt. 1750, possibly in Virginia, for whom
we also still search for her parents names as well. I believe that she is
most likely related to this William JORDAN and, possibly, to the the Francis
JORDAN/JORDUN, aka JORDAN. And it is believed that this Rachel JORDAN is,
most likely, descended from JORDANs who were of the JORDAN'S JOURNEY group of
JORDAN family at Jamestown, Virginia where connecting family groups had
family members who died in the Massacre of 1622.

There are so many connections including the PIERCE and BENNETT families
involved in the Massacre of 1622 that I descend from in maternal lineage and
the PIERCE and BENNETT families that I am also researching from my paternal
4th great grandfather, Hugh PIERCE, born: abt. 1749 in Frederick County,
Virginia, and whatever connections he may have to immigrant, Abraham PIERCE,
in the 1600s in New England, and connections that exist there with the
MERRICK/MYRICK/MEYRICK/MEURIC/MEURIG family out of Wales into New England
that I descend from through Virginia branches that were also in New England
and are also connected there with the ALLERTON and BREWSTER families
mentioned above who arrived on the MAYFLOWER and also the ship, ANNE, that I
just found was somewhat of a sister ship to the ship LITTLE JAMES that ar
rived a week to 10 days later than the ANNE with both carrying family of the
original MAYFLOWER and the Abraham PIERCE mentioned arrived on the ship,
ANNE, in 1623. It was, I believe, a later date in the 1630s when the ship,
from England to New England after they had gone from Wales into England and
then with my branch at some point in the mid-1600s coming on into Virginia.

The aforementioned name of ALLERTON married into my EARLE lineage with the
marriage of my paternal 7th great grandfather, Samuel EARLE, I (son of (Sir)
John EARLE, immigrant, born: abt. 1612 in Nye, Wynscomb, Somersetshire,
England, and his 1st wife, Mary SYMONS/SYMONDS,) and Samuel EARLE's 1st wife,
Bridget HALE, (S,) (my paternal 7th great grandmother whom is believed to
have been the daughter of Thomasina DOWCETT and Thomas
HALE(S)/HAILLES/HAILES/HAYLES who, along with (Sir) John EARLE, settled
Yeocomico Parish in Northumberland County, Virginia along with (Sir) John
EARLE after acquiring the land from the Indians shortly after (Sir) John
EARLE immigrated in 1649 along with Francis SYMONS/SYMONDS whom is believed
to have been the brother of John's wife, Mary SYMONS, born: abt. 1617 in
Gloucestershire, England, who immigrated in 1652 and died in Northumberland
County, Virginia in 1659 after which a few months later in 1660s, (Sir) John
EARLE married his 2nd wife, Elizabeth, who was either named CAUSEY/CAWSEY by
birth or possibly her 1st husband may have been the CAUSEY/CAWSEY and her 2nd
husband was ? HOWELL and her 3rd husband was (Sir) John EARLE who died a few
months after they married at the age of 48 years old after which Mrs.
Elizabeth ?/CAUSEY ?/CAUSEY HOWELL EARLE married her 4th husband, William

The aforementioned Samuel EARLE, I, after the death of Bridget HALE(S)
married as his 2nd wife, Mattilda ALLERTON, according to our information, but
no indication as to whom her parents were but she was in Westmoreland County,
Virginia during the same timeframe that Isaac ALLERTON, Jr. was and I believe
that she is somehow closely related. Mrs. Mattilda ALLERTON EARLE married
2nd husband, William RUST, and they are related to my paternal PAYNE -
JENNINGS - ROBINSON lineage as well as my maternal LOTT - LIGHTFOOT -
DEMOURVILLE/DAMOURVELL lineage through the marriage of my ancestral maternal
grandfather, George LAMKIN, and his wife, Hannah COX, who married 2nd
husband, Dr. Samuel DEMOURVILLE/DAMOURVELL in the late 1600s.

In addition, the aforementioned Mrs. Mattilda ALLERTON EARLE RUST married as
her 3rd husband another of my paternal 7th great grandfathers, John BENNETT,
believed to have been the father of my patenral 6th great grandmother,
Phillis BENNETT, who married Samuel EARLE, II, stepson of the aforementioned
Mrs. Mattilda ALLERTON EARLE RUST BENNETT through his father's marriage to
Mattilda and Samuel EARLE, II's wife, Phillis BENNETT, was either the
stepdaughter or, possibly, the natural daughter of Mattilda.

And Phillis BENNETT and Samuel EARLE, II were the parents of (Major) Samuel
EARLE, II, born: abt. 1692 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, who married 1st
wife, Anna SORRELL, and then married 2nd wife, Elizabeth HOLBROOK, born:
abt. 1733 in Prince William County, Virginia, daughter of Mrs. Jannet
PATTISON - CONYERS, (2nd wife and widow and heiress of Henry CONYERS,) and
2nd husband, Randolph "Randall/Randol" HOLBROOK, Jr., (his 1st wife was Ann
STANWAY, and Randolph was the son of Randolph "Ralph/Rafe" HOLBROOK, Sr. and
his 2nd wife, Mary WILCOXSON/Mrs. Mary WILCOXSON, aka WILLCOCKSEN, whom I
believe is somehow related to the John WILCOXSON/WILLCOCKSEN who married
Sarah BOONE, sister of Daniel BOONE, children of Squire BOONE and Sarah
MORGAN who descends from David CRAWFORD, immigrant, that the aforementioned
Anna SORRELL also descends from and that I also descend from through
Elizabeth CRAWFORD and Nicholas MERIWETHER, II through their daughter, Jane
LANE family whose descendant, Mrs. Rachael Moranda "Randa/Randy" LEWIS
COLEMAN BRIGHT PARKER, my paternal great grandmother, later married Spencer
- JORDAN lineage that married into the PARKER lineage that then married into

I also descend from the connecting SLAUGHTER and other connecting family
groups to the earlier families but there is already so much involved here
that I will bring that out in later emails regarding some of these other
connections more in detail later.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone especially regarding the descendants
of (Colonel) Augustine MOORE and Lucy SMITH.

Thank you.


Bellinda Myrick - Barnett

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