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Subject: [SANDERS] Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books (152 Vols.)
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 20:55:35 EDT

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 13
page 42
Mrs. Phebe R. Osgood Saunders.
DAR ID Number: 12113
Born in Maine.
Widow of Merville L. Saunders.
Descendant of John Osgood, of New Hampshire.
Daughter of Isaac Osgood and Harriet Page, his wife.
Granddaughter of John Osgood and Sarah Danforth, his wife.
John Osgood served at Bunker Hill in Capt. Levi Spaulding's company, Col.
James Reed's regiment. He was born at Concord, 1745, and died at Conway,
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 13
page 75
Mrs. Jennie Kendrick Collins.
DAR ID Number: 12196
Born in Mississippi.
Wife of James Collins.
Descendant of Lieut. George Suggs, of North Carolina.
Daughter of John Warren Kendrick and Martha Craig Glenn, his wife.
Granddaughter of Joseph Kendrick and Lavinia Suggs, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of George Suggs and Mary Saunders, his wife.
George Suggs, who was born in Virginia, served as lieutenant of the Fifth
North Carolina Continental Line.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 13
page 297
Mrs. Harriet Newell Shute.
DAR ID Number: 12780
Born in New Hampshire.
Wife of James Gilbert Shute.
Descendant of Col. Joshua Wingate, Judge Otis Baker, Sergt. William Blake and
Abner Coffin, all of New Hampshire.
Daughter of Samuel Horne and Lydia Ham Blake, his wife.
Granddaughter of Maj. William Blake, Jr., and Elizabeth Wingate, his wife (m.
1799); Otis Horne and Mary Coffin, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Joshua Wingate and Abigail Roberts, his wife (m. 1757);
Ishabod Horne and Sarah Baker, his wife; William Blake and Sarah Taylor, his
wife; Abner Coffin and Keziah Cromwell, his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Otis Baker and Lydia Wentworth, his wife.
Joshua Wingate (1725-96), entered the army as major, 1775, and was promoted
colonel the same year. He reinforced Sullivan, 1776, and was in the Rhode
Island expedition [p.297] 1778. He was a member of the Assembly and of the
Constitutional Convention. He was born and died at Dover.
Otis Baker (1727-1801), served in the Legislature, 1775, and was chosen Judge
of Common Pleas and continued in that office throughout the war.
William Blake (1741-1825), served in Capt. Daniel Gordon's company, Col.
David Gilman's regiment, to reinforce the army in New York, 1776. He was born
at Epsom.
Abner Coffin enlisted as a private in Capt. Jesse Saunders' company, 1775,
raised for the Canadian expedition, and also served under Capt. John Willey.
He was born 1738.
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The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 14
page 345
Mrs. Helen M. Smith Wright.
DAR ID Number: 13933
Born in Washington, D. C.
Wife of Charles Hewitt Wright.
Descendant of Robert Shillaber and of Capt. Daniel Saunders, of
Daughter of Chief Engineer David Smith, U. S. Navy and Sara**** Saunders, his
Granddaughter of Philip Henry Saunders and Nancy True, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Capt. Henry Saunders and Sallie Shillabe**** his wife.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Robert Shillaber and Elizabeth Procto**** his wife;
Daniel Saunders and Sarah Peal, his wife.
Robert Shillaber, (1736-1808), turned out at the Lexingto**** alarm under his
brother-in-law, Capt. Caleb Low. He wa**** born at Danvers, and died there.
Daniel Saunders, (1744-1824), was appointed 1780 commander of the ship “Two
Brothers.” He captured a privatee 1781 and continued in the service to the
close of the war**** He was born at Salem, where he died.
Also Nos. 3012, 5657.
- ---------------------------------------------------

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 15
page 60
[p.60] Mrs. Sarah Benedict Saunders.
DAR ID Number: 14161
Born in Michigan.
Wife of William G. Saunders.
Descendant of E. Lemuel Benedict, of Connecticut.
Daughter of Moses Benedict and Elizabeth Welch, his wife.
Granddaughter of E. Lemuel Benedict and Annis Hickox, his wife.
E. Lemuel Benedict, (1767-1839), at the age of fifteen took the place of his
father, Jonathan, who was disabled. He was born at Warren, Conn., and died at
Spring Arbor, Mich.
Also No. 9967.
- ---------------------------------------------

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 16
page 18
Mrs. Betty Watkins Whiteside.
DAR ID Number: 155060
Born in Cherokee County, Texas.
Wife of Frank Whiteside.
Descendant of Benjamin McFarland, as follows:
1. Edwin Watkins (1835-1915) m. 1860 Mary J. Saunders (1840-74).
2. Lorenzo Dow Saunders (d. 1871) m. 1830 Ellen Roach (d. 1876).
3. Osborne Ridgely Watkins (1804-93) m. 1830 Adline McFarland (1809-74).
4. John M. McFarland (1778-1857) m. 1799 Eliza Davis (1780-1861).
5. Benjamin McFarland m. 1777 Mary Blackburn (1758-1820).
Benjamin McFarland (1747-1823) served as private in the 3d Virginia regiment.
He was born in Bedford County, Va.; died in Jefferson County, Tenn.
Also No. 140231.
- -----------------------------------------

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 16
page 131
Mrs. Mary Virginia Saunders White.
DAR ID Number: 155404
Born in Sumter County, S. C.
Wife of Walter C. White.
Descendant of William Saunders, Lieut. Nathaniel Saunders, Capt. Richard
Anderson, George McCall, Capt. Timothy Childs, Lieut. Timothy Childs, Jr.,
Lieut. Sackfield McLynn Bracey, Peter Harllee, Col. James Easton, and David
Stuart, as follows:
1. William L. Saunders (b. 1857) m. 1889 Ann Catherine Anderson (b. 1864).
2. Swepson Harrison Saunders (1826-82) m. 1852 Harriet Rebecca McCall
(1833-97); William W. Anderson, Jr. (1824-1911), m. 1855 Mary Virginia Childs
3. William Saunders, 3d (1807-75), m. 1824 Sarah Gwinn Bracey (1808-72);
William W. Anderson (1789-1854) m. 1818 Mary Jane Mackenzie (1788-1833);
George J. W. McCall (1801-71) m. 1829 Harriet Leake Harllee (1809-56); Thomas
Childs (1796-1853) m. 1819 Ann Eliza Coryton (1800-75).
4. William Saunders, 2d, m. Eunice Garner; Richard Anderson m. 1787 Ann
Wallace (1768-1814); George McCall m. 2d 1796 Elizabeth Sanders; Timothy
Childs, Jr., m. 1778 Rachel Easton; Sackfield McLynn Bracey m. 1784 Lucy
Hicks (1768-1850); Thomas Harllee (1765-1830) m. 1789 Elizabeth Stuart
5. William Saunders, 1st m. 1771 Sarah Ragin (b. 1752); Nathaniel Saunders
(Sanders) m. Mercy Murfee; Timothy Childs m. 1744 Mary Wells; Peter Harllee
m. 1759 Ann Jane Leake (1714-1810); James Easton m. 2d Eunice Pomeroy (d.
1778); David Stuart m. Elizabeth McQueen.
William Saunders, 1st. (1748-1810) served as private in the South Carolina
troops under Captain McBee and Colonel Roebuck; was also a patriot. He was
born in Craven County; died in Sumter County, S. C.
Nathaniel Saunders (1740-1804) served as private and lieutenant, 1780-81, in
the South Carolina troops. He was born and died in South Carolina.
[p.131] Richard Anderson (1752-1835) was lieutenant, 1776, in Colonel
Smallwood's regiment, Maryland Line, and, 1777, was promoted captain. He was
born in St. Marys County, Md.; died in Philadelphia, Pa.
Also No. 120346.
George McCall (1760-1837) served as private, 1780, in the South Carolina
troops under Gen. Francis Marion. He was born at Lynch's Creek; died in
Darlington District, S. C.
Also No. 140118.
Timothy Childs (1720-81), who had served in the early wars, commanded a
company from Greenfield, Mass., at the Lexington Alarm and at the invasion of
Burgoyne. He was born in Deerfield, Mass.
Timothy Childs, Jr. (1748-1821) served as lieutenant and surgeon in the
Massachusetts troops. He was born in Deerfield; died in Pittsfield, Mass.
Also No. 142505.
Sackfield McLynn Bracey (1757-1807) served as ensign and lieutenant in the
Brunswick County, Virginia militia. He was born in Brunswick County, Va.;
died in Stateburg, S. C.
Peter Harllee (1699-1783), a patriot of Virginia, furnished supplies for the
army. He was born in England; died in Virginia.
James Easton (1728-96) was colonel of the Massachusetts troops. He was born
in Hartford, Conn.; died in Pittsfield, Mass.
David Stuart served as private in the South Carolina troops under Gen.
Francis Marion. He was born in Ireland; died in Richmond County, N. C.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 16
page 248
Mrs. Mildred Hawksworth Covell.
DAR ID Number: 155788
Born in Ottumwa, Iowa.
Wife of George Blossom Covell.
Descendant of David Hopkins, as follows:
1. Thomas W. Hawksworth (1850-83) m. 1871 Mary Esther Hopkins (1851-89).
2. Morrison H. Hopkins (1816-1903) m. 1841 Maria Louise Saunders (1818-79).
3. Robert Hopkins (1782-1850) m. Polly Mack (1778-1848).
4. David Hopkins m. 1775 Hannah Parish (1756-1833).
David Hopkins (1748-1813) served as private, ensign, and sergeant in the
Charlotte County, New York militia. He was born in West Greenwich, R. I.
Also No. 143824.
- -------------------------------------------

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 16
page 279
Mrs. Katherine W. Potts Saunders.
DAR ID Number: 155891
Born in Troy, N. Y.
Wife of George E. Saunders.
Descendant of Ensign Andries Van Der Poel, as follows:
1. James Henry Potts (b. 1855) m. 1881 Emma Wilson (b. 1857).
2. Ira Wilson (1826-96) m. 1853 Abigail Van Der Poel (1829-87).
3. Samuel Van Der Poel (1798-1853) m. 1823 Katherine Schermerhorn
4. Andries Van Der Poel m. 2d 1794 Elizabeth Smith (1770-1848).
Andries Van Der Poel (1754-1812) served as ensign in the Albany County, New
York militia. He was born and died in Kinderhook, N. Y.
Also No. 102552.
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