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The following is what I have on your line. Some is proven and some is
not. I will indicate that which is not proven as I list the information.

James Sandage (or Sandige or Sandidge), born abt
1620, England. "Not Proven"

John Sandage, born abt 1666, possibly in England;
died 1708, New Kent County, Va. Married
Mary Vaughn, born abt 1670, England; died
abt 1707, Va. John is reported to have then
married Kathleen Pendleton.

William Sandige, born bef 10 July 1698 (his
christening date), St. Peter's Parish, New Kent
Co., Va.; died between 11 March and 2 June
1745/46, St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co.,
Va. He married Ann Pulliam, born bef 22 Nov
1702, New Kent Co.; died 1794, Louisa Co.,
Va. After William's death, she married Joseph
Martin of Louisa Co., Va. in 1754.

William Sandridge, born abt 1720, Spotsylvania Co.,
Va.; died abt July 1777, Albemarle Co., Va. About
1745, in Spotsylvania County, Va. He
married Elizabeth "Betty" Graves, born 14 Feb
1719, Spotsylvania Co.; died 16 Jan 1826, Green
Co., Ky. at the age of 106 years. About 1805,
she accompanied her son, John, when he moved
his family from Albemarle Co., Va. to Green Co.,
Ky. to establish his plantation, Wilson Hill, near
Liletown, Green Co. ( I am a descendent of her
son, Stephen, who moved from Albemarle Co. to
Franklin County, Tennessee.

John S. Sandidge, born 25 Nov 1760, Albemarle
Co.; died 27 July 1832, Wilson Hill Plantation,
Liletown, Green Co., Ky. On 13 Nov 1783, in
Albemarle County, Va., he married Mary "Molly"
Wood, born 25 Nov 1762, Louisa Co., Va.;
died 4 Mar 1824, Wilson Hill Plantation.

Aaron Burr Sandidge, born 3 Dec 1801, Albemarle
Co.; died bef Nov 1854, Green Co., Ky. On 22
Dec 1825, Green Co., he married Mary "Polly"
Robertson Thompson, born 1805, Hardin Co.,
Ky.; died bef 25 Feb 1848. On 25 Feb 1848,
Green Co., he married Lucy Trigg Thompson
French, widow of ? French and half sister to his
first wife, Polly. Lucy was born 14 Feb 1824,
Hart Co., Ky.; died 2 Apr 1884. After Aaron's
death, Lucy married for the third time to Robert
Alexander Froggett on 23 Nov 1854, Hart Co.
Robert Froggett was born 1805, Barren Co., Ky.,
and died in 1872.

Francis Marion "Frank" Sandidge, born 1840-1841,
Green County, Ky.. The 1850 Green Co., Ky.
Census Report list him as Francis M. Sandidge,
age 9, in the household of Aaron Burr Sandidge.
Also listed is his brother, Dabney M. (Dabney
Minor) Sandidge, age 7. After the death of their
father and the remarriage of their stepmother, the
younger children of the family split up to live with
Sandidge relatives. The 1860 Marshall, Saline
Co., Missouri Census Report lists Frank, age 19, and
Dabney Sandidge, age 18, living with their older brother,Robert, in
the home of Mrs. Sophia Piper, and working as printers. Here I lose
of this Francis M. "Frank" Sandidge. I suspect
that he served in the Civil War on either the Union
or the Confederate side, and wandered around
after the war until he appears again on the 1880
Kaufman County, Texas, Census Report as Frank
Sandige, 34, single, born in Kentucky of parents
born in Kentucky. I cannot find any other family
member born in Kentucky with this name during
this time period and everything fit except the age.
However, even the 1880 and 1900 Kaufman Co.
Census Rports differ on his age. The 1900
report list him as age 51, born in Aug 1848, in
Kentucky of parents born in Kentucky. It was
not unusual for the census reports to be incorrect
concerning ages of household members because
many times it was "best guess" by whoever
answered the door when the census taker came.
I think that, if Aaron Burr's son and your Francis
M. "Frank" Sandidge are one and the same, that
his birthday was probably in August, but in 1840, \ since both
the 1850 and 1860 census reports
agree on his age. Back then, family members
usually knew the month of birth and approximate
age, but not the year -leaving it up to the census taker
to do the math to determine the year of birth.
But, all this is the long way of saying that your
your Francis M. "Frank" Sandidge has not been definitely proven
to be the son of Aaron Burr Sandidge.

Francis Marion "Frank" Sandidge of Kaufman Co.,
Texas, was born in Kentucky of parents born in
Kentucky. Abt 1884, probably in Kaufman Co.,
he married Fannie Hodges, born Nov 1863,
South Carolina; died after 1902.

Francis Bass Sandidge, born 29 May 1885, Terrell,
Kaufman Co.; died aft 7 apr 1930, possibly in
Oklahoma City, Okla. Between 1906-1907, he
married Ida Byant. Children - (1) Lawrence E.
Sandidge, born 2 July 1910, Oklahoma; died
aft 7 Apr 1930. Lawrence married Irene H.
?, born 1913-1914, Texas; died aft 7 Apr
1930. Their child, Lewis L. Sandidge, born
1929, Texas; died aft 7 Apr 1930.
(2) Bonnie L. Sandidge, born 1912-1913,
Oklahoma; died aft 7 Apr 1930. After Ida's
death, Francis Bass Sandidge married Dora ?

Aaron Hodge Sandidge, born Sep 1888, Texas;
died aft 18 June 1900. He married Anna Lee
Emmons. Children: Aaron and Anna
Sandidge, twins, born 20 Aug 1935, Hunt Co.,
Texas. (His given name is another reason I
believe that Aaron Burr's son and your Fancis
are the same.)

Dudley Evans Sandidge, born 4 May 1890, Texas;
did Nov 1969, Atoka, Oklahoma. His given name
is another reason I believe that your Francis is
Aaron Burr's son.

Phillip Eugene Sandidge, bon 4 Feb 1892, Texas;
died June 1975, Pittsburg, California. He married
Essie Lorene Petty, born 1895-96, Lone Oak,
Hunt Co., Tx; died Mar 1961, Grapevine, Tx.
Child - Phillip Eugene Jr., born 3 Oct 1930,
Hunt Co.

Mattie Sandidge, born Sep 1893, Texas; died
between 3 May 1910-1920. In 1908, married
Curtis Claude McDonald, born Aug 1888, Tx.;
Child - Walter McDonald, born Apr 1910, Tx.; died
aft 3 May 1910.

John M. Sandidge, born Mar 1889, Tx.; died aft
3 May 1910.

Bessie Sandidge, born 1901-1902, Terrell, Kaufman
Co.; died abt 1971, Glendale, Arizona.

Gould Sandidge, a daughter, born 1903-1904,
Tx.; died aft 3 May 1910.

You notice that in the earlier generations, the suname is variously spelled
as Sandage, Sandige, Sandidge, and Sandridge. I used the spelling that
documents relating to them used at the time. However, it is all the same
family. If one goes far enough back through the generations, all the
Sandidges, Sandridges, and Sandages (the three main spellings used today)
are related - except those adopted, recent immigrants, and those descended
from slaves who took the surname of their former owner. Some are just more
distant cousins than others.
If you have any more on this line and would like to share it with me, I
would welcome the addition and/or corrections to my information.


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> Martin,
> Do you know where Francis Marion Sandidge fits into this family? His
> son, Dudley Evans Sandidge, was my grandfather. Dudley was born in
> Texas.
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> Rita,
> In my earlier message, I neglected to include the following
> concerning Anderson's daughter, Emily:
> 1870 Peddler District, Amherst County, Census Report, dated 24
> August 1870.
> Tyree, Jacob 54 Virginia
> , Emilie 42 Virginia
> , William 16 Virginia
> , Endera S. 15 (Female) Virginia
> , Bethena 8 (Female) Virginia
> , Howard S. 5 Virginia
> , lucy B. 3 Virginia
> 1880 Peddler District, Amherst County Census Report, dated 15 jun
> 1880:
> Tyree, Jacob 64 Virginia
> , Emily 52 Virginia
> , Lucie B. 13 Virginia
> , Howard S. 15 Virginia
> , Cornelius B. 5 Virginia
> 1880 Peddler District, Amherst County Census Report, dated 23 June
> 1880:
> Tyree, William 27 Virginia
> , Rebecca 28 Virginia
> , Oliver J. 6 Virginia
> , William E. 5 Virginia
> , Joseph A. 1 Virginia
> Martin
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